-- Goliath's Profile --
ClassMale Half-Orc Grandmaster Class IV Knight
Clanߧ h ()
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KOS List
Monsters Killed113754
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players2
Total Game Time50 days, 12h36
Character Score8122
Overall Ranking37/2010
Class Ranking4/359
Last Logon01-20-2024 01:49:05
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-- Monsters Killed --
Garden Spider1Drunken Brawler1
Hydra Hatchling107Black Bear2866
Brown Bear2296Small Snake1434
Giant Mosquito Swarm55Troll1777
Orc20969Giant Frog7
Giant Leech1217Large Snake80
Granite Beast3378Wolf24
Scarab30Suit of Armor1090
Kyriarchian Zealot134Kyriarchian Magician25
Giant Snapper Turtle9Mud Monster3
Hydra Head2Kyriarchian Prophet8
Gnoll Archer479Gnoll Warrior2903
Gnoll Guard6690Gnoll Elite118
Ogre2624Mutant Rat831
Vampire Bat17079Bandit4129
Dungeon Initiate22Dungeon Guard4
Worthless Grub5Persuaded Follower7
Spirit of King Durmeal1Skeleton131
Demonic Soldier103Bandit Leader35
Goblin Scout65Lioness13
Mayor Tvarti32Table419
Chair399Cinder Beast424
Mutant Beetle1672Gardener18
Giant Rat2118Clay Golem9
Griffin207Modern Art Sculpture126
Stone Crypt6Stone Door4
Kyriarchian Fanatic12Dragon Hatchling3
Kyriarchian Dragontamer3Rabid Chipmunk2
Crystal Formation97Crystal Golem94
Yeti1Snowy Owl1
Elite Sentry Spider926Sand Spider403
Hedge Minion13172Owl99
Badger25Guruk the Ugly4
Sentry Spider1Mysterious Chest1
Demonic Sergeant28Scorpion7
Skeleton Skull654Mole Rat118
Lost Wisp17Black Wight17
Desert Snake1Bezerker1
Ice Troll26Door4
Snotling1Rogue Swordsman1
Silversail Defector3Dwarven Grenadier2
Spider2Mountain Lion19
Giant Crocodile2Giant Centipede3
Drow Mage1Kobold1
Mountain Goat4Forest Bandit10053
Cave Racer7Cavern Imp30
Giant Bat20Freshwater Golem6
Pond Sprite2Anaconda1
Drow Elite18Drow Warrior68
Grizzly Bear15Bunny21
Drow Archer45Ettin2
Guard Spider59Gnoll Captain1
Gnoll12Gnoll Watchman10
Braced Door1Scribe1
Canyon Raptor2Sand Viper6
Bloom72Red Fox25
Bobcat65Mountain Troll10
Giant Cinder Beast5Treasure Chest3
Totem Pole3Giant Cockroach2
Lingering Soul18Earth Elemental8
Gnoll Slave2Colossal Ant663
Kingfisher1Necro Claus1
Gnoll Juvenile2Enchanted Sword5
Starfish33Ravenous Seagull768
Silver Fox2Goblin Villager15
Snow Wight99Widow Spider1
Arrowhead2Crystal Giant1
Snow Fox3Tundra Wolf6
Mud Worm45Jungle Snapper21
Banshee2Goblin Elder9
Antelope2Snow Leopard3
Shrieking Spectre50Deinonychus40
Drow Champion32Red Ant17
Psychotic Elf1Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes6
Mine Bandit23Torturer23
Three-eyed Jack2Drow Blademaiden1
Arcane Spire of the Sky1Pained Spirit2
Teptok Loyalist20Teptok Warrior10
Teptok1Lunar Pedestal2
Dux3Plague Fiend1
Vein Golem2Steel Door1
Lost Soul1Elven Barrow Wight3
Giant Vampire Bat5230Injured Eagle15
Marauder13Hollow Man1
Flame Wraith2Mummy1
Barricade7Black Orc298
Sparkling Seam14Predator Orc2
Black Paladin29Black Knight41
Death Knight25Portcullis4
Skeletal Warrior10Hedge Lord30
Twilight Treant40Kitsune8
Red Dragon4Aet'Thol2
Unwilling Vampire3Ghoul3
Ghost2Neonate Vampire4
Vampire9Plagued Spider2
Demonic Captain9King Cobra1
Albino Beetle1Pit Viper2
Pit Wraith127Spider King4
Demonic General2Shadow Wraith4
Butterfly6Atrium Monarch1
Time Guardian2Stampeding Elephant2
Polar Bear8Mystic Formation1
Orc Chieftain3Arcane Spire of the Soil1
Christmas Present14

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