-- Hades' Profile --
NameAll Rangers NOT for sale.
ClassMale Halfling Grandmaster Class III Hunter
Clan-׻mr Mt Wtк- Founder (Greg)
E-MailFoxfire: Copper, Iron, Steel, 34 items, 35 items
CommentDull Cobalt Ring*4 = 4 Crystal rings, 20 Sapphire Shards, 4 spirit essence, 5 Fairy Dust
AIM NameYou have increased to level 37, and gained 18 hp.
MSN Name900-1100 Health;
KOS ListYou fired a dual shot at Einon with your Steel Long Bow for 49 points of damage. killing him.
Monsters Killed40256
Players Killed
Deaths by Players1
Total Game Time59 days, 12h21
Character Score7648
Overall Ranking47/1918
Class Ranking9/166
Last Logon06-13-2022 03:16:18
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Thief4Garden Spider2
Lost Wisp3Sentry Spider5
Black Bear1219Mysterious Chest29
Brown Bear754Small Snake352
Demonic Soldier350Vampire Bat45
Giant Leech170Vines77
Large Snake171Orc5666
Kyriarchian Prophet2Einon1
Demonic Sergeant12Gnoll Guard261
Gnoll Archer36Enchanted Sword3
Granite Beast1615Sand Spider726
Modern Art Sculpture4653Giant Rat20
Cockroach14Mutant Rat38
Demonic General3Skeleton125
Ettin48Skeleton Skull14
Evil Sprite30Great Eagle176
Kyriarchian Magician1Wolf49
Grizzly Bear52Cyclops74
Silversail Defector35Captain Wylsen4
Goblin Scout103Antelope90
Snow Leopard52Mountain Troll868
Bigfoot2Elven Barrow Wight163
Troll597Mountain Lion220
Gnoll1Cave Racer33
Cavern Imp51Gnoll Slave1
Rogue Swordsman8Stone Door32
Scorpion176Gnoll Elite28
Gnoll Warrior30Mole Rat10
Three-eyed Jack2Banshee3
Stone Crypt1Condor82
Lingering Soul7Silver Fox6
Forest Bandit91Asp317
Gnoll Juvenile7Revenant19
Lion125Lion Cub2
Ghoul9Unwilling Vampire6
Wolf Spider6Hedge Minion352
Dryad41Cinder Beast238
Mutant Beetle842Gardener74
Sand Scorpion37Mine Bandit59
Albino Beetle65Elite Sentry Spider57
Magimox1958Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes169
Red Fox72Bobcat76
Neonate Vampire11Shadow Wraith3
Spider51Hedge Lord19
Seasonal Painting22Arrowhead835
Totem Pole25Suit of Armor898
Tax Lord29Colossal Ant747
Griffin551Clay Golem50
Goblin Shaman45Mayor Tvarti24
Snowy Owl15Ghast2
Braced Door1Bezerker1
Goblin115Goblin Archer70
Skeletal Warrior24Black Knight20
Zombie1Tree Frog7
Toucan10Desert Snake7
Black Scorpion2Mountain Goat19
Ice Troll16Goblin Warrior70
Goblin Elite16Goblin Chieftain14
Mummified Priest1Minotaur42
Chair858Black Wight8
Bandit Leader4Deer42
Gnoll Captain2Rabid Chipmunk14
Scarab Skeleton41Ibis Statue8
Anubis Statue3Kingfisher1
Giant Cinder Beast11Butterfly172
Warthog19Giant Crocodile7
Giant Frog1Gargoyle2
Mystic Formation26Twilight Treant36
Red Ant104Kitsune18
Sprite34Drow Archer907
Lyzanthir the Enchanter4Gh'ul'arg3
Treasure Chest1Dungeon Initiate14
Dungeon Guard2Worthless Grub2
Pained Spirit49Persuaded Follower1
Demonic Scribe1Steel Door1
Corrupt Demon6Kobold8
Shrieker1Guardian of Aet'Thol1
Guard Spider9Tiger5
Anaconda4Time Guardian13
Snake3Earth Elemental3
Orc Chieftain1Cauldron2
Dwarven Grenadier16Atrium Monarch5
Yeti4Bolted Chest4
Starfish24Ravenous Seagull48
Dire Wolf3Abyssal Demon2
Primal Bear21Rattlesnake59
Drow Warrior176Demonic Captain1
Barricade37Mud Worm199
Shrieking Spectre272Alligator25
Praying Mantis1Dire Boar5
Stirge3Assassin Vine3
Mutant Water Spider3Sand Viper14
Mutant Crab672Box Jellyfish1
Ocean Shark2Stingray2
Winged Vampire1Maneater11
Drow Priestess39Drow Mage37
Drow Elite599Drow Templar17
Mana Root5Nether Beast3
Giant Bat119Drow Archmage37
Giant Hawk5Tunneller9
Drow Rogue10Mana Vein10
Crystal Formation507Crystal Giant5
Deinonychus38Lunar Pedestal6
Jungle Snapper19Gristle3
Harpy5Dust Devil12
Black Paladin21Death Knight8
Spirit of Olist1Snow Fox16
Tundra Wolf9Snow Wight1
Wolverine7Polar Bear1
Drow Blademaiden2Psychotic Elf3
Widow Spider1Coral Caterpillar64
Elm Wisp9Bee Hive7
Goblin Villager8Stampeding Elephant97
Mine Marauder5Cold Sprite29
Ice Wraith7Coal Golem10
Sparkling Seam146Black Orc1147
Soul Demon1Crystal Sprite6
Crystal Minion6Arcane Spire of the Ocean1
Arcane Spire of the Sky4Wolf Lord1
Titan Hornet4Insect Pod1
Bronze Hornet1Drow Blade Mage1
Drow Champion2Predator Orc41
Black Orc Hydromancer14Black Orc Aeromancer3
Black Orc Pyromancer2Black Orc Cryomancer2
Giant Sand Wurm4Snotling19
Castle Door1Frankenstein's Monster2
Tomb Spirit1Canyon Raptor3
Marauder1Stone Gargoyle2
Mountain Ranger5Pit Wraith4
Balrog59Pit Viper16
Mining Foreman3Dobermann2
Rottweiler1Mutant Leech2
Mutant Maggot4Chest10
Mana Heart2Aet'Thol2
High Priestess Ku'Nal1Credenza1
Pamola1Stone Sentinel1
Moon Spire1Coal Seam1
Black Orc Geomancer1Shadow Demon2
Crystal Guardian1Time Knight2
Bodyguard1Drider Scout1
Drow Scholar1Red Dragon1
Crystal Golem468Crazed Shikari1

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