-- Hero's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Legendary Templar
Clanrk ţn Founder (!.-'-. HtD .-'-.!)
Comment18 15 21 18 18 19
AIM Name***First lvl 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 Pally!***
MSN NameAn Angel of Justice just gave you a Crest of the Seraphim.
KOS List
Monsters Killed184419
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players11
Total Game Time92 days, 12h15
Character Score29039
Overall Ranking4/2010
Class Ranking1/171
Last Logon09-29-2023 20:29:46
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton Skull27Skeleton354
Demonic Soldier5011Demonic Sergeant1010
Brown Bear669Sludge Tentacle9
Black Bear360Small Snake147
Vampire Bat62230Skeletal Imp1
Zombie1Sentry Spider25
Giant Spider1Elite Sentry Spider331
Demonic Captain441Spirit of Ariat1
Hydra Hatchling1Injured Eagle187
Ogre55Tomb Spirit252
Orc162Kyriarchian Zealot8
Kyriarchian Magician11Kyriarchian Prophet8
Stone Door14Bandit231
Stone Crypt4Bunny11
Dragon Hatchling4Water Wraith5
Cockroach112Lost Wisp1
Drow290Hedge Minion180
Deer2Giant Leech547
Rabid Chipmunk1Granite Beast148
Scorpion12Mayor Tvarti23
Goblin Scout134Lioness217
Lion4Goblin Villager1
Modern Art Sculpture8516Lifeless Soldier1
Asp108Lion Cub3
Scarab172Cinder Beast492
Gardener134Mutant Beetle307
Mutant Rat305Giant Rat297
Large Snake128Owl1461
Demonic General7Colossal Ant728
Clay Golem1Griffin1044
Albino Beetle5Mine Bandit8
Bronze Hornet1Barricade1
Tiger1Black Scorpion1
Desert Snake1Time Guardian1
Time Knight1Mountain Goat6
Mine Marauder1Cyclops12
Mountain Troll716Ettin15
Giant Cinder Beast41Antelope166
Mummy17Guard Spider142
Water Fairy20Ibis Statue53
Ghoul13Scarab Skeleton1
Sabretooth Tiger2Table6
Drow Archer2Rattlesnake24
Spirit of Olist2Mountain Lion12
Grizzly Bear3Bezerker10
Arrowhead40Sand Spider50
Gnoll Elite3Plague Demon2
Snow Leopard79Storage Cabinet18
Bandit Leader5Sand Scorpion1
Gnoll Guard13Braced Door103
Herric2Mutant Crab90275
Hedge Lord9Seasonal Painting2
Ravenous Seagull2974Starfish67
Drow Warrior6Mutant Seabass12
Herald of the Damned3Blind Giant Rat1
Undead Minion1Mole Rat5
Canyon Raptor2Giant Bat148
Snowy Owl1Mud Worm5
Stampeding Elephant3Shrieking Spectre1
Red Ant1Deinonychus1
King Cobra4Ice Troll2
Gnoll Warrior3Wolf4
Drow Elite3Drow Mage7
Drow Priestess5Drow Templar4
Mana Root3Skeletal Warrior27
Black Paladin62Black Knight104
Blackguard Jouster58Piranha2
Steel Door81Lieutenant Burton106
Portcullis11Gnoll Watchman2
Gnoll Captain2Silversail Defector4
Snotling1Dwarven Grenadier1
Bolted Chest1Spider King1
Death Knight37Horse3
Blackguard Chef7Barrel61
Blackguard Burton20Box Jellyfish1
Ocean Shark10Sandstone Block29
Ethereal Confine6Blackguard Smithy1
Stone Gargoyle10Lord Darksparrow4
Gnoll Slave2Dungeon Initiate38
Worthless Grub10Undead Marcus1
Pained Spirit7Shrieker1
Corrupt Demon264Teptok Loyalist6
Veteran Gladiator5Dungeon Guard10
Wall Crawler1Spirit of King Durmeal1
Kobold2Mining Foreman3
Drow Rogue3Credenza2
Mana Vein2Three-eyed Jack1
Vulture1Evil Santa1
Dust Devil2Suit of Armor3
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Crystal Golem8
Crystal Formation7Magimox17
Pond Sprite2Aquatic Tendril1
Freshwater Golem1Elven Barrow Wight277
Sprite9Undead Drow Necromancer20
Dobermann1Drow Scholar1
Psychotic Elf1Unwilling Vampire50
Revenant33Neonate Vampire53
Red Fox14Lingering Soul8
Black Wight208Wolf Spider8
Shadow Wraith11Vampire Patriarch4
Winged Vampire3Mummified Slave Leader1
Imperial Mummy1Ganymede1
Snow Fox4Skeletal Wight2
Tundra Wolf4Snow Wight2
Drow Blademaiden1Banshee1
Old Hermit1

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