-- Horc's Profile --
NameYou cant Berserk Yourself.
ClassMale Half-Orc Master Berserker
E-MailDerlok attacked you with his Pig Oink for 112208 p
CommentLike a BAWS!!
AIM NameFor Sale
MSN Name/who Zashi /who Bahamut /who koopa /who chrono
KOS ListYou equipped a Cobalt Staff of the Winds.
Monsters Killed6584
Players Killed4
Deaths by Players23
Total Game Time5 days, 8h9
Character Score2388
Overall Ranking325/1825
Class Ranking36/221
Last Logon08-11-2014 17:30:50
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Drunken Brawler1Thief1
Rugged Rogue1Vines835
Hydra Hatchling99Brown Bear598
Black Bear1523Giant Mosquito Swarm31
Large Snake46Hydra Head11
Mud Monster2Giant Snapper Turtle21
Small Snake525Orc61
Clay Golem5Giant Frog5
Grizzly Bear4Vampire Bat94
Mutant Rat15Giant Leech33
Giant Rat33Troll50
Ogre6Hedge Minion24
Chair3Gnoll Juvenile2
Table2Mayor Tvarti1
Suit of Armor18Ghoul6
Spider2Rabid Chipmunk1
Kyriarchian Zealot2Zombie1
Scarab62Stone Door8
Mummified Priest1Demonic Soldier16
Bandit Leader1Mummy1
Modern Art Sculpture179Cinder Beast832
Mutant Beetle654Goblin Scout2
Antelope12Mountain Troll9
Snow Leopard4Gardener124
Rattlesnake2Drow Warrior1
Giant Bat1Drow Templar2
Demonic Sergeant3Griffin8
Giant Cinder Beast3Ettin5
Mountain Goat1Bezerker1
Skeleton9Gnoll Guard60
Mole Rat1Skeleton Skull1
Gnoll Elite48Gnoll Warrior59
Gnoll Captain2Gnoll Archer266
Kyriarchian Prophet2Gnoll1
Lost Wisp2Granite Beast4
Sand Spider1Demonic Captain1
Garden Spider1

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