-- Iris' Profile --
ClassFemale Half-Elf Grandmaster Class III Guardian
Clanrk ţn (Piddy)
CommentOblivion scores a Critical Strike against you with his pair of hands for 47 points of damage. Killing You!
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed74910
Players Killed116
Deaths by Players86
Total Game Time52 days, 6h4
Character Score5764
Overall Ranking56/1825
Class Ranking10/230
Last Logon05-17-2021 01:22:27
Staff Comment(Stig on 01-06-2014) Awarded for finding and reporting a very elusive bug in the Twilight Jungle.

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton509Small Snake1421
Rugged Rogue3Brown Bear1892
Sentry Spider100Bunny366
Giant Leech1042Black Bear2996
Orc521Large Snake375
Mutant Rat134Door5
Thief1Thief Guard2
Armoire1Guard Dogs1
Asp559Colossal Ant372
Troll263Hedge Minion267
Badger60Granite Beast2679
Giant Spider6Demonic Soldier131
Elite Sentry Spider901Elshira3
Grasping Vines13Giant Rat236
Vines156Vampire Bat24472
Skeletal Imp8Zombie26
Sludge Tentacle80Zanitos6
Hydra Hatchling31Warthog75
Drow361Gnoll Archer1121
Giant Mosquito Swarm12Gnoll Elite55
Gnoll Guard84Gnoll Warrior37
Assassin Vine2Guard Spider97
Hydra Head7Goblin Warrior224
Mutant Beetle304Cinder Beast258
Sand Spider102Spider22
Giant Frog8Bloom37
Demonic Dragon1Ghost of Corinne1
Ghost of Pwn_Nub1Scarecrow56
Giant Crocodile7Dwarven Grenadier6
Demonic Sergeant42Crystal Formation47
Canyon Raptor1Giant Bat53
Demonic Captain2Snake2
Drow Warrior6Drow Archer2
Sand Viper7Goblin Scout92
Lioness169Modern Art Sculpture624
Kingfisher31Clay Golem30
Ettin26Grizzly Bear8
Lion Cub11Skeleton Skull117
Mayor Tvarti48Silversail Defector10
Goblin Villager4Dungeon Initiate27
Dungeon Guard16Worthless Grub19
Persuaded Follower44Spirit of King Durmeal8
Mountain Goat4Seasonal Painting4
Plague Demon1Bezerker5
Herric1Dead Scientist3
Mad Scientist3Mutated Bear2
Mountain Troll447Water Snake1
Giant Water Snake1Rabid Chipmunk17
Suit of Armor17Skeletal Warrior50
Giant Centipede5Mole Rat43
Vulture100Great Eagle47
Rogue Swordsman1Gnoll Watchman11
Alligator6Snow Leopard79
Bigfoot2Gnoll Slave21
Ghoul64Braced Door3
Bandit Leader45Scarab Skeleton223
Ibis Statue29Imperial Mummy9
Adel3Sabretooth Tiger1
Giant Cinder Beast9Ravenous Seagull6
Mummified Slave Leader9Mummified Slave118
Orc Chieftain1Lost Wisp11
Giant Sand Wurm3Mysterious Chest1
Enchanted Sword2Gnoll Juvenile7
Abnormal Snake3Choking Cretin7
Undead Minion7Charging Soldier8
Blind Giant Rat5Withering Woman1
Qu'Lork1Coal Seam1
Black Orc Psychromancer1Cold Sprite4
Predator Orc2Black Orc7
Black Orc Aeromancer1Ice Wraith1
Black Orc Pyromancer1Gnoll Captain4
Cyclops9Evil Spirit1
Green Mummy1Blue Mummy1
Mummified Priest1Evil Deity2
Elemental21366Mutant Crab3
Freshwater Golem1Toad4
Injured Eagle1Black Scorpion2
Lesser Werewolf1Lone Zebra1
Mystic Formation205Black Knight4
Tax Lord1Drow Elite1
Priestess Alan'cul1Drow Templar3
Mana Root1Nymph49
Treasure Chest3Albino Beetle12
Barricade4Black Wight32
Valravn576Water Fairy16
Stone Door1Elven Barrow Wight646
Undead Drow Necromancer4Mountain Lion12
Water Wraith2Cave Racer15
Cavern Imp119Shrieking Spectre11
Red Ant3Mud Worm2
Deinonychus2Jungle Snapper6
Evil Sprite56Bronze Hornet30
Praying Mantis2Death Knight1
Mine Bandit3Snowy Owl3
Ice Troll5Psychotic Elf1
Earth Elemental11Jackalope3
Widow Spider108Killer Bee24
Forest Bandit105Red Fox66
Bobcat90Abandoned Golem28
Profane Dianna1Wolf Spider93
Hedge Lord2Shadow Wraith1
Lingering Soul7Steel Door4
Teptok Loyalist4Pained Spirit50
Waldren1Goblin Shaman8
Goblin Elite10Goblin Chieftain5
Twilight Treant1Torturer2
Minotaur3Lunar Pedestal1
Drow Blademaiden1Winged Vampire2
Goblin Treasure Chest1Spider King3
Goblin Archer25Silver Fox4
Coral Caterpillar12Tomb Spirit4
Revenant3Neonate Vampire2
Unwilling Vampire3Ghost66
Vampire10Vampire Patriarch1
Snow Fox20Snow Wight19
Kobold1Corrupt Demon1
Witch4Stone Gargoyle2
Frankenstein's Monster1Castle Sorcerer4
Halloween Spider1Crystal Golem45
Magimox298Totem Pole2
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Pit Wraith10
Pit Viper4Goblin Elder1
Yeti1Bolted Chest1
Atrium Monarch2Primal Bear33
Mountain Ranger1Gargoyle1
Bee Hive2Elm Wisp1
Dire Wolf10

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