-- Isengard's Profile --
ClassMale Elf Archmaster Hunter
ClanNovice (Yin & Yang)
E-MailCoppola just gave you a Jungle Bow.
CommentIsengard attacked a Hydra Body with a Torch, slaying it! ]You fired a dual shot at an Undead Drow Necromancer with your Enchanted Bow for 77 points of damage. disintegrating her.
AIM NameGive me your hobbits! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9Uz1icjwrM
MSN NameYou rapidly fired at a Sludge Lord with your Enchanted Bow for 59 points of damage. killing it. A Sludge Lord dropped a Vampire Blood Potion.
KOS ListAn Atrium Monarch dropped a Sapphire Ring. 21st May 2022: 1645: You have increased to level 30, and gained 21 hp.
Monsters Killed12798
Players Killed
Deaths by Players1
Total Game Time11 days, 16h5
Character Score2178
Overall Ranking409/1916
Class Ranking48/166
Last Logon07-23-2022 01:48:35
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Thief139Drunken Brawler2
Lost Wisp72Garden Spider6
Tattered Thief2Goblin193
Rugged Rogue73Small Snake1465
Gnoll Juvenile66Giant Rat472
Mutant Rat594Ghost49
Skeleton Skull461Mole Rat111
Spirit of Ruh'guul5Mysterious Chest300
Cockroach352Grass Snake8
Animated Sapling11Soldier Spirit9
Goblin Prisoner6Red Fox199
Thief Guard51Black Bear1269
Bunny15Giant Leech688
Giant Crocodile2Giant Centipede3
Sentry Spider183Mutant Leech7
Bristlemane Wolf1Sewage Smithy1
Mutant Maggot1Deer5
Brown Bear865Rabid Chipmunk4
Scarlet Daggers Informant8Giant Frog3
Water Fairy2Asp93
Colossal Ant32Griffin103
Goblin Warrior68Granite Beast265
Orc298Giant Cockroach3
Giant Spider49Crystal Formation56
Elite Sentry Spider52Elshira7
Ogre37Vampire Bat46
Gnoll Warrior110Troll120
Bandit440Gnoll Guard58
Gnoll Elite41Large Snake33
Enchanted Sword23Clay Golem20
Undead Drow Necromancer5Skinless1
Elven Barrow Wight5Decomposing Corpse1
Black Hand Necromancer2Vines76
Giant Mosquito Swarm20Spirit of Ariat6
Giant Snapper Turtle2Hydra Hatchling9
Mud Monster15Hydra Head2
Aquatic Tendril5Pond Sprite8
Freshwater Golem7Hydra Body1
Sludge Lord1Wolf17
Demonic Soldier4Bloom5
Dire Boar20Toucan47
Dryad4Hedge Minion2
Cinder Beast143Mutant Beetle396
Gardener11Giant Cinder Beast3
Mountain Lion1Snowy Owl1
Banshee1Sand Spider24
Goblin Archer13Goblin Shaman5
Goblin Chieftain3Sprite13
Scorpion7Cavern Imp3
Cave Racer1Drow93
Kyriarchian Zealot20Kyriarchian Dragontamer3
Stone Door3Kyriarchian Prophet6
Stone Crypt1Silversail Defector1
Snow Fox5Skeletal Wight14
Ice Troll3Tundra Wolf1
Polar Bear1Snow Wight1
Kitsune1Dragon Hatchling2
Goblin Elite1Kyriarchian Magician3
Ghast1Lingering Soul1
Gnoll Slave19Mountain Goat12
Mountain Troll4Gnoll Archer153
Gnoll Captain2Magimox2
Crystal Giant1Orc Chieftain1
Assassin Vine10Manticore2
Ankheg6Sand Viper2
Giant Sand Wurm1

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