-- Justice's Profile --
ClassMale Elf Grandmaster Class III Guardian
Clanrk ţn (...Ad Jstc Fr All)
E-Mailtt: 18 21 19 18 20 21
AIM NameYou attacked High Priestess Ku'Nal with a Claws for 133 points of damage, slaying the dark elven High Priestess.
MSN NameThe Dragon Scroll has been added to your spell book.
KOS ListYou attacked a Red Dragon with a Claws for 440 points of damage.
Monsters Killed53053
Players Killed205
Deaths by Players47
Total Game Time89 days, 14h47
Character Score57423
Overall Ranking1/1825
Class Ranking1/230
Last Logon06-19-2021 20:58:36
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton118Black Bear1933
Brown Bear1469Giant Rat413
Vines424Small Snake423
Giant Leech198Warthog82
Ogre243Giant Frog7
Hydra Hatchling48Mutant Rat154
Hydra Head12Giant Snapper Turtle3
Giant Mosquito Swarm26Granite Beast415
Chest16Large Snake76
Drunken Brawler22Burly Bartender11
Thief Guard52Rugged Rogue16
Braced Door23Sylva17
Rel-thon2Wounded Druid4
Hedge Minion773Guard Dogs15
Stone Gargoyle2Sludge Tentacle10
Dryad1036Mud Monster2
Orc191Sentry Spider6
Giant Spider3Goblin Warrior524
Goblin1053Goblin Archer94
Asp268Dwarven Grenadier7
Scarab245Cinder Beast284
Goblin Shaman13Demonic Soldier32
Gnoll Guard19Elite Sentry Spider90
Guard Spider4Griffin938
Colossal Ant854Mutant Beetle582
Chair13Goblin Scout236
Vampire Bat19567Dire Boar3
Clay Golem177Modern Art Sculpture889
Grasping Vines15Stone Door11
Goblin Elite7Gh'ul'arg2
Goblin Chieftain3Vulture61
Evil Sprite26Great Eagle73
Mummified Slave4Scarab Skeleton315
Mummified Slave Leader6Zombie6
Praying Mantis3Alligator9
Bronze Hornet21Antelope17
Bezerker14Gnoll Watchman8
Gnoll Elite6Lion Cub93
Plague Demon1Maneater57
Scorpion1093Sand Spider522
Rattlesnake281Drow Elite13
Drow Warrior34Giant Bat21
Canyon Raptor6Deer27
Ibis Statue60Imperial Mummy3
Skeletal Warrior147Wolf152
Silversail Defector12Captain Wylsen4
Barricade4Albino Beetle34
Drow Archmage2Mole Rat27
Cockroach56Teptok Warrior1
Snow Leopard17Mountain Lion24
Mountain Goat9Cyclops49
Sand Viper10Mountain Troll31
Drow Champion6Mutated Bear1
Drow Rogue8Drow Archer975
Table8Skeleton Skull50
Gnoll2Gnoll Warrior1
Mayor Tvarti13Gnoll Captain3
Gnoll Juvenile4Flying Hammer1
Dwarven Enchanter1Animated Armor1
Sprite8Titan Hornet3
King Cobra3Ettin1
Mining Foreman1Nymph104
Dungeon Initiate19Worthless Grub2
Pained Spirit7Teptok Loyalist1
Snowy Owl8Sand Scorpion3
Bolted Chest3Mummy10
Lost Wisp4Zebra1
Crystal Giant1Tree Frog1
Baboon2Desert Snake6
Black Scorpion2Time Guardian4
Giant Sand Wurm1Butterfly731
Caterpillar83Bandit Leader47
Totem Pole2Suit of Armor99
Hedge Lord6Undead Minion3
Charging Soldier1Withering Woman1
Abnormal Snake1Demonic Sergeant6
Starfish5Ice Troll23
Drow Mage7Treasure Chest2
Crazed Zombie2Deranged Witch4
Undead Arm3Deluded Ghast1
Arrowhead15Demonic Elf35
Christmas Present2Evil Santa1
Castle Door4Donner1
Evil Elf5Rudolph1
Drow Blademaiden3Psychotic Elf1
Kobold1Drow Templar5
Demonic Captain5Demonic General2
Yeti3Grizzly Bear16
Garden Spider1Mourner2
Mine Bandit12Magimox159
Crystal Golem15Crystal Formation10
Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes1Wildebeest6
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Evil Spirit4
Banshee2Hornet Larva1
Nether Beast1Cauldron1
Pond Sprite2Ghost6
Skeletal Bunny12Possessed Plant2
Lesser Werewolf68Greater Werewolf4
Vampire4Shadow Demon4
Kingfisher3Water Snake7
Scribe2Dead Scientist1
Dust Devil1Giant Cinder Beast5
Red Mummy1Rabid Chipmunk6
Black Wight24Giant Centipede2
Elven Barrow Wight80Dire Wolf469
Primal Bear452Meliai1
Three-eyed Jack1Anaconda6
Marauder1Forest Bandit548
Widow Spider13Abandoned Golem4
Condor2Earth Elemental9
Bobcat131Red Fox32
Seasonal Painting3Tax Lord3
Shrieking Spectre5Deinonychus5
Mud Worm3Jungle Snapper3
Red Ant5Dungeon Guard2
Lone Wildebeest1Lingering Soul109
Silver Fox10Killer Bee5
Coral Caterpillar6Jackalope2
Shadow Wraith1Spider King1
Gorilla1Snow Fox475
Tundra Wolf9Snow Wight111
Skeletal Wight2Unwilling Vampire5
Revenant3Neonate Vampire2
Kitsune6Stone Fish1
Talaskan Digestor5Wolf Lord2
Wolverine2Goblin Treasure Chest1
Rogue Swordsman1Abyssal Demon8
Aquatic Tendril4Freshwater Golem1
Drow Priestess3High Priestess Ku'Nal1
Bigfoot1Goblin Elder2
Goblin Villager2Jack-o'-lantern2
Werewolf3Twilight Treant1
Ice Wraith2Sparkling Seam1
Cold Sprite1Predator Orc1
Black Orc1Black Orc Geomancer1
Soul Demon1Crystal Minion5
Corrupt Demon1Crystal Sprite3
Giant Cockroach2

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