-- Kutta's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Archmaster Slayer
E-Mail21 x 18 21 17 17
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed4147
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time8 days, 1h2
Character Score2375
Overall Ranking328/1825
Class Ranking37/221
Last Logon01-23-2021 02:40:13
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Lost Wisp5Garden Spider4
Tattered Thief8Goblin4
Rugged Rogue12Drunken Brawler3
Thief7Animated Sapling4
Soldier Spirit5Grass Snake6
Goblin Prisoner4Mysterious Chest10
Giant Rat59Cockroach26
Mutant Rat38Owl76
Badger4Granite Beast83
Small Snake10Bobcat49
Sentry Spider68Elite Sentry Spider18
Black Bear324Red Fox8
Giant Spider1Griffin136
Colossal Ant117Asp158
Clay Golem19Cinder Beast208
Mutant Beetle237Gardener25
Brown Bear202Large Snake55
Kingfisher1Grizzly Bear1
Giant Leech54Drow255
Suit of Armor56Goblin Scout11
Kyriarchian Zealot65Kyriarchian Magician22
Kyriarchian Prophet8Bunny2
Dragon Hatchling6Dark Cauldron1
Kyriarchian Fanatic1Vampire Bat3
Mountain Troll4Bigfoot1
Giant Cinder Beast7Wolf967
Bandit40Giant Centipede1
Giant Crocodile2Sabretooth Tiger1
Guardian of Aet'Thol2Skeletal Warrior5
Sand Viper10Starfish2
Antelope1Gnoll Guard2
Gnoll Elite1Gnoll Watchman1
Scribe1Sand Spider10
Modern Art Sculpture136Elven Barrow Wight170
Psychotic Elf1Old Hermit1
Mutant Crab1Sand Scorpion1
Mayor Tvarti7Table1
Stone Crypt3Kyriarchian Dragontamer3
Stone Door1

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