-- Lavelia's Profile --
ClassFemale Half-Elf Expert Druid
ClanNovice Founder (`._.wt 姧._.)
CommentYou attacked a Gh'ul'arg with a Jaws for 40 points of damage, killing him.
AIM NameAn Elshira dropped a Spider Staff.You got a Spider Staff.
MSN Namefor a complete list of all my alts /who saia
KOS List:::: I do not pk. You have increased to level 24, gained 11 hp and gained 10 mana points.
Monsters Killed3963
Players Killed
Deaths by Players19
Total Game Time13 days, 1h28
Character Score1996
Overall Ranking410/1761
Class Ranking50/216
Last Logon05-31-2020 04:43:40
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Garden Spider1Skeleton24
Skeletal Warrior9Giant Rat242
Sentry Spider77Crystal Formation4
Small Snake310Asp20
Hydra Hatchling48Giant Mosquito Swarm47
Vines84Elite Sentry Spider27
Bunny25Black Bear1113
Brown Bear371Giant Spider62
Elshira6Mutant Rat97
Giant Leech104Orc60
Colossal Ant16Clay Golem16
Vampire Bat29Large Snake55
Giant Crocodile8Giant Centipede2
Troll20Rugged Rogue2
Master Trainer1Thief1
Drunken Brawler1Thief Guard2
Braced Door1Wounded Druid10
Demonic Soldier37Demonic Sergeant2
Rabid Chipmunk7Sludge Tentacle4
Sludge Tendril9Skeletal Giant Rat27
Hyena38Skeletal Imp7
Large Snake Zombie21Giant Spider Zombie15
Skeletal Orc3Zombie5
Modern Art Sculpture56Ghoul10
Goblin32Goblin Warrior13
Goblin Archer6Gnoll Guard29
Gnoll Warrior18Gnoll Archer140
Granite Beast320Bandit7
Ogre12Giant Snapper Turtle1
Sand Spider24Scorpion6
Assassin Vine2Mutant Water Spider1
Water Moccasin1Dire Boar1
Krenshar1Gnoll Elite7
Guard Spider1Hedge Minion37
Cinder Beast1Mutant Beetle1
Hedge Lord1Drow7
Goblin Shaman2Gravestone1
Scarab38Goblin Chieftain1
Gh'ul'arg1Goblin Elite1
Drow Archer1Rattlesnake2
Giant Frog1Demilich2
Crystal Giant1Goblin Scout7
Cockroach15Giant Cockroach1
Aquatic Tendril1Skeleton Skull1
Red Fox7Badger2

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