-- Loyal's Profile --
ClassMale Half-Orc Archmaster Class IV Knight
Clanrk ţn (-==BT==-)
E-Mail22 15 17 22 14 (12)
CommentWorship Antichrist says, "f1 - target Mob;attack [t] name it Attack, f2 - target 1;attack [t] name it attack 2, f3 item Lesser Life Potion, f6 - target 0;say train quests sell name it train"
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KOS List
Monsters Killed64092
Players Killed
Deaths by Players4
Total Game Time20 days, 23h24
Character Score3206
Overall Ranking179/1825
Class Ranking17/322
Last Logon06-01-2021 00:19:32
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Thief2Garden Spider4
Drunken Brawler2Tattered Thief1
Goblin2Small Snake991
Skeleton Skull99Mole Rat45
Black Bear3734Giant Rat2126
Brown Bear1448Vines47
Hydra Hatchling9Giant Mosquito Swarm20
Orc1725Vampire Bat8537
Granite Beast1654Troll162
Mutant Rat1276Cockroach823
Giant Leech31047Gnoll Guard1272
Gnoll Elite78Ettin1
Badger15Grasping Vines2
Colossal Ant223Griffin191
Large Snake256Hedge Minion173
Demonic Soldier22Gnoll Warrior320
Gnoll Archer1689Giant Snapper Turtle2
Giant Crocodile4Scarab2284
Skeleton301Mayor Tvarti82
Sand Spider44Scorpion22
Sand Scorpion7Bandit22
Modern Art Sculpture1069Gnoll Captain2
Gnoll4Braced Door1
Gnoll Watchman1Scribe1
Dungeon Initiate4Worthless Grub2
Dungeon Guard3Wall Crawler2
Large Rock1Suit of Armor131
Mummy8Sabretooth Tiger1
Bezerker1Dead Scientist1
Cinder Beast40Demonic Sergeant3
Hedge Lord1Spider9
Demonic Captain3Giant Centipede7
Storage Cabinet1Demonic Elf2
Mountain Lion5Cyclops11
Minotaur4Gnoll Juvenile3
Castle Door1Christmas Present1
Mine Bandit2Albino Beetle1
Guruk the Ugly2Arrowhead14
Mourner1Titan Hornet1
Bronze Hornet1Rabid Chipmunk1
Giant Spider1Scarab Skeleton1
Ibis Statue4Imperial Mummy3
Mummified Pharaoh1Captain Wylsen2
Giant Cinder Beast1Twilight Treant2
Shrieking Spectre2Drow Champion2
Silversail Defector4Mud Worm2
Deinonychus3Jungle Snapper2
Yeti1Mutant Beetle227
Giant Frog1Piranha1
Water Fairy5Gardener4
Teptok Loyalist2Steel Door1
Pained Spirit1Teptok Warrior2
Dux1Flame Wraith1
Torturer3Goblin Scout16
Antelope53Mountain Troll69
Snow Leopard25Tax Lord2
Lesser Werewolf17Greater Werewolf1
Skeletal Bunny9Vampire2
Ice Wraith1Freshwater Golem2
Elite Sentry Spider65Dwarven Grenadier2
Snotling2Snowy Owl2
Ghast1Pond Sprite1
Seasonal Painting1Totem Pole1
Tiger1Desert Snake1
Time Guardian1Time Mage1
Banshee1Bolted Chest1
Bobcat23Red Fox20
Psychotic Elf1Three-eyed Jack1
Ice Troll1Rattlesnake4
Maneater2Forest Bandit38
Clay Golem1Giant Cockroach1
Sand Viper5Treasure Chest1
Coral Caterpillar36Sheep3
Scarecrow1Crystal Formation27
Magimox79Crystal Golem36
Lost Wisp6Kingfisher2
Grizzly Bear2

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