-- Ludo's Profile --
ClassMale Half-Orc Grandmaster Class IV Knight
Clanrk ţn Leader (Piddy)
E-Mail26 14 19 22 14 13
CommentDemonic General: You'll never get my new drop!
AIM Name99 55 69 86 66 98 90 90 103
MSN NameYou attacked an Assassin Vine with a Machete for 664 points of damage, slaying it. (level 28)
KOS ListYou stab your Giant Carrot into Sheep's midsection for 38 points of damage.
Monsters Killed277729
Players Killed3
Deaths by Players3
Total Game Time56 days, 20h44
Character Score8823
Overall Ranking27/2010
Class Ranking3/359
Last Logon07-15-2023 02:42:35
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Drunken Brawler1Goblin4
Rugged Rogue3Tattered Thief1
Vines60Giant Rat1512
Mysterious Chest6Gnoll Juvenile41
Sentry Spider43Black Bear6670
Small Snake3118Brown Bear3001
Demonic Soldier417Demonic Sergeant49
Skeleton1442Large Snake396
Hedge Minion382Asp399
Colossal Ant305Griffin283
Ogre1910Giant Leech6538
Orc9847Kyriarchian Zealot190
Giant Spider18Lost Wisp37
Vampire Bat220710Giant Mosquito Swarm4
Ghost150Rabid Chipmunk8
Cinder Beast658Mutant Beetle802
Giant Crocodile11Mutant Rat952
Giant Centipede6Mole Rat203
Wolf18Kyriarchian Prophet7
Kyriarchian Magician19Stone Door5
Dragon Hatchling7Stone Crypt5
Mayor Tvarti117Modern Art Sculpture353
Giant Cockroach17Sabretooth Tiger3
Scarab272Kyriarchian Fanatic5
Kyriarchian Dragontamer2Skeleton Skull244
Adel3Demonic Captain8
Demonic General6Mummy4
Gardener108Seasonal Painting4
Arrowhead20Totem Pole2
Suit of Armor121Tax Lord3
Granite Beast584Garden Spider1
Storage Cabinet1Atrium Monarch1
Dungeon Initiate52Guruk the Ugly5
Bandit Leader7Braced Door2
Plague Demon1Bezerker7
Gnoll Guard114Gnoll Archer429
Gnoll Elite106Gnoll Warrior115
Sand Spider53Pond Sprite4
Aquatic Tendril3Freshwater Golem4
Bronze Hornet7Maneater7
Drow1392Assassin Vine71
Ankheg55Giant Cinder Beast9
Stirge6Clay Golem12
Owl1080Grizzly Bear5
Crazed Zombie7Traumatized Ghost1
Deranged Witch6Undead Arm1
Hysterical Ghoul1Gnoll Slave19
Crystal Golem56Crystal Formation279
Magimox1947Lesser Werewolf14
Cauldron1Drow Blademaiden2
Scribe2Gnoll Captain3
Gnoll4Gnoll Watchman2
Door3Silversail Defector5
Dwarven Grenadier23Snotling24
Elite Sentry Spider302Guard Spider84
Mountain Lion4Evil Santa4
Snowman3Mine Bandit1
Coal Seam2Prancer1
Evil Elf2Rudolph1
Dasher1Shrieking Spectre5
Mud Worm1Deinonychus2
Red Ant5Jungle Snapper3
Albino Beetle1Rattlesnake2
Alligator1Drow Elite3
Desert Snake1Kingfisher2
Goblin Scout2Snow Leopard1
Black Wight10Wolf Spider6
Treasure Chest3Vulture4
Evil Sprite2Scorpion61
Drow Archer1Starfish4
Ice Troll5Yeti1
Bolted Chest2Mystic Formation2
Twilight Treant4Psychotic Elf1
Shadow Wraith2Elven Barrow Wight171
Cavern Imp8Giant Bat3
Cave Racer2Mountain Goat13
Forest Bandit3606Coral Caterpillar43
Lingering Soul130Earth Elemental11
Silver Fox7Jackalope5
Giant Snapper Turtle50Bee Hive2
Cyclops4Giant Frog16
Toad2Neonate Vampire12
Unwilling Vampire12Vampire11
Bobcat302Red Fox107
Undead Drow Necromancer2Sand Viper22
Titan Hornet1Lyzanthir the Enchanter1
Hedge Lord1Scarecrow27
Kitsune2Red Dragon1
Snow Fox2Talaskan Digestor1

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