-- Makaveli's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Grandmaster Class IV Hunter
Clanrk ţn Founder (!.-'-. HtD .-'-.!)
E-Mail18 x 21 18 18 19
CommentA Crystal Golem dropped a Bright Crystal Shard. x9
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed58882
Players Killed9
Deaths by Players17
Total Game Time70 days, 13h43
Character Score7680
Overall Ranking33/1760
Class Ranking6/144
Last Logon09-01-2020 22:38:12
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake314Skeleton86
Vines50Giant Rat211
Mutant Rat396Black Bear1645
Brown Bear976Demonic Soldier143
Hydra Hatchling2Goblin405
Giant Leech690Giant Centipede4
Goblin Warrior82Gnoll Guard43
Gnoll Archer659Gnoll Elite13
Cinder Beast451Mutant Beetle1285
Asp53Rabid Chipmunk1
Goblin Archer16Goblin Shaman8
Sentry Spider30Giant Spider105
Spider28Elite Sentry Spider668
Elshira1Granite Beast1640
Sand Spider410Bandit411
Mummified Priest28Scarab231
Stone Door20Gardener127
Evil Sprite38Vulture499
Troll321Hedge Minion712
Ogre318Orc Chieftain55
Mummy37Modern Art Sculpture1610
Scorpion311Bandit Leader4
Sabretooth Tiger2Mayor Tvarti32
Large Snake22Plague Demon2
Dwarven Grenadier23Silversail Defector44
Hedge Lord58Seasonal Painting28
Arrowhead488Demonic Captain20
Demonic Sergeant70Demonic General5
Totem Pole47Kyriarchian Fanatic1
Kyriarchian Zealot1Kyriarchian Prophet1
Dead Scientist1Vampire Bat42
Adel3Gnoll Juvenile2
Dungeon Initiate9Dungeon Guard2
Pained Spirit47Steel Door1
Persuaded Follower23Spirit of King Durmeal21
Colossal Ant26Skeletal Warrior1
Table689Gnoll Warrior13
Guard Spider37Skeleton Skull35
Giant Sand Wurm45Enchanted Sword3
Goblin Scout25Mountain Troll57
Giant Cinder Beast12Braced Door5
Mountain Lion73Mountain Goat21
Cyclops129Sand Viper132
Cockroach73Storage Cabinet1
Sprite4Mountain Ranger1
Giant Bat154Pit Viper2
Balrog9Pit Wraith27
Grizzly Bear1Giant Hawk6
Drow Warrior9Griffin8
Great Eagle438Clay Golem5
Mole Rat19Captain Wylsen2
Snotling3Three-eyed Jack5
Albino Beetle9Scribe2
Magimox11335Crystal Golem9036
Crystal Formation12404Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes8
Mutant Crab5Crystal Giant10
Barricade11Black Orc1550
Cold Sprite8Suit of Armor265
Lyzanthir the Enchanter14Treasure Chest31
Bobcat170Red Fox43
Desert Snake299Black Scorpion27
Time Guardian227Time Knight76
Goblin Chieftain4Drow Archer7
Drow Champion2Elven Barrow Wight7
Black Wight17Shadow Wraith9
Wolf Spider11Neonate Vampire1
Scarecrow17Castle Sorcerer4
Jiangshi, Vampire Lord1Portcullis1
Tomb Spirit2Frankenstein's Monster1
Death Knight1Witch2
Lioness2Psychotic Elf3
Bolted Chest4Tax Lord11
Valravn2Blue Dragon1
Forest Bandit4Bloom54
Earth Elemental1Butterfly162
Banshee4Vampire Patriarch1
Rogue Swordsman3Atrium Monarch7
Drow Elite6Red Ant2
Lunar Pedestal1Twilight Treant2
Mystic Formation1Kitsune11
Mud Worm2Shrieking Spectre4
Giant Chameleon1Door3
Mine Bandit19Ghast2
Gnoll Captain2Harpy3
Drow Blademaiden2Goblin Elite5
Gh'ul'arg2Lost Wisp1
Snow Fox375Tundra Wolf23
Skeletal Wight3Snow Wight9
Ice Troll8Dryad494
Antelope9Snow Leopard4
Bronze Hornet5Alligator1
Canyon Raptor4Abyssal Demon22
Snowy Owl3Drow Mage3
Kobold3Nether Beast6
Drow Priestess24High Priestess Ku'Nal1
Drider Scout1Drow Templar5
Talaskan Digestor16Gnoll1
Predator Orc9Coal Golem4
Black Orc Cryomancer2Black Orc Pyromancer1
Black Orc Hydromancer2Spideresque Shadowman3
Gristle1Dark Gnome4
Condor1Wolf Lord28
Polar Bear4Bigfoot1
Ice Wraith6Black Orc Aeromancer2
Crystal Minion19Crystal Sprite5
Shadow Demon7Soul Demon3
Mana Root1Guardian Golem1
Yeti1Arcane Spire of the Ocean1
Shadow Master1Mahakali the Immortal1
Sparkling Seam1Corrupt Demon2

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