-- Marth's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Grandmaster Class II Templar
Clanrk ţn Leader (Ч)
CommentYou have increased to level 36, gained 20 hp and gained 22 mana points.
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MSN Name-----
KOS List-----
Monsters Killed53154
Players Killed
Deaths by Players16
Total Game Time40 days, 5h29
Character Score5199
Overall Ranking94/2010
Class Ranking6/171
Last Logon04-29-2023 17:40:31
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton Skull77Demonic Soldier4200
Vines23Brown Bear566
Granite Beast96Demonic Sergeant695
Ghoul56Giant Leech318
Skeleton51Small Snake225
Mutant Rat124Giant Rat185
Black Bear660Skeletal Imp24
Giant Spider Zombie25Skeletal Orc32
Large Snake Zombie24Zombie21
Sludge Tentacle2Sludge Tendril4
Hyena9Skeletal Giant Rat18
Wounded Druid6Spider38
Drow43Gnoll Elite12
Gnoll Slave3Orc1955
Water Wraith13Colossal Ant627
Gnoll Watchman5Bunny19
Giant Frog3Vampire Bat18231
Lost Wisp3Kyriarchian Prophet20
Einon3Kyriarchian Zealot36
Stone Door12Dark Cauldron5
Large Snake123Rabid Chipmunk6
Giant Spider8Kyriarchian Magician10
Kyriarchian Dragontamer3Stone Crypt3
Gnoll Juvenile6Dragon Hatchling4
Kyriarchian Fanatic2Giant Mosquito Swarm1
Hydra Hatchling3Mole Rat8
Spirit of Ariat1Elite Sentry Spider802
Asp59Scarab Skeleton21
Skeletal Warrior64Mummified Slave Leader5
Mummified Slave239Mummy6
Modern Art Sculpture269Scarab118
Troll549Demonic Captain134
Mysterious Chest2Goblin Scout117
Mountain Troll270Gnoll Guard35
Ettin1Dungeon Initiate82
Dungeon Guard17Worthless Grub16
Pained Spirit357Spirit of King Durmeal17
Steel Door24Tomb Spirit135
Antelope80Gnoll Archer206
Gnoll Warrior7Bandit79
Table8Mayor Tvarti2
Evil Elf1Mountain Lion35
Cyclops38Bronze Hornet9
Scorpion3Ibis Statue2
Rattlesnake5Drow Elite1
Giant Bat28Snowman1
Blackguard Jouster28Black Knight504
Cinder Beast6Elemental11130
Hedge Minion38Portcullis8
Blackguard26Black Paladin28
Deinonychus1Red Ant3
Mystic Formation4Mud Worm4
Teptok Loyalist7Coal Seam6
Griffin409Sand Spider6
Mutant Beetle15Minotaur11
Injured Eagle3Anaconda2
Mummified Pharaoh1Imperial Mummy2
Evil Spirit8Lieutenant Burton31
Death Knight14Vulture6
Evil Sprite2Storage Cabinet2
Mummified Priest1Evil Deity2
Elven Barrow Wight2977Snow Leopard31
Demonic General10Guard Spider136
Bandit Leader15Dwarven Grenadier4
Psychotic Elf2Suit of Armor50
Wall Crawler10Kobold5
Corrupt Demon147Giant Centipede1
Silversail Defector5Treasure Chest1
Black Wight1163Undead Drow Necromancer22
Shadow Wraith10Mountain Goat17
Ice Troll10Snowy Owl1
Cave Racer1Cavern Imp2
Captain Wylsen3Shrieking Spectre7
Jungle Snapper5Stampeding Elephant1
Red Dragon1Twilight Treant1
Plague Demon3Snotling2
Grasping Vines1Drow Blademaiden2
Braced Door20Shrieker5
Wolf Spider44Demonic Scribe2
Bolted Chest2Drow Archer1
Maneater9Ravenous Seagull122
Lost Soul1Torturer17
Grizzly Bear4Drow Champion1
King Cobra1Clay Golem6
Albino Beetle3Large Rock1
Gnoll Captain2Spider King1
Mine Marauder1Seasonal Painting1
Totem Pole1Rogue Swordsman2
Dust Devil1Herric1
Blackguard Burton4Sandstone Block6
Bobcat27Lord Darksparrow3
Red Fox14Blue Mummy1
Frankenstein's Monster1Snow Wight194
Snow Fox31Skeletal Wight5
Sprite1Tundra Wolf2
Revenant5Unwilling Vampire3
Neonate Vampire3Vampire5
Persuaded Follower1Bloom2
Widow Spider4Blackguard Smithy2
Ice Wraith1Veteran Gladiator3
Mutant Crab3Polar Bear2

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