-- Masai's Profile --
ClassFemale Halfling Archmaster Class V Knight
Clanrk ţn Leader (J-)
E-MailYou just bought a Cobalt Staff of the Winds.
CommentYou have increased to level 35, and gained 17 hp.
AIM NameMaterials Fighter, Wont Die Fighter, Dont Miss Fighter.
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed61718
Players Killed50
Deaths by Players88
Total Game Time43 days, 0h15
Character Score3641
Overall Ranking121/1699
Class Ranking13/309
Last Logon02-18-2020 08:14:06
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake4206Skeleton2269
Mutant Rat2460Giant Rat2426
Giant Leech6636Brown Bear2335
Black Bear4066Ogre1229
Hedge Minion942Orc1924
Large Snake715Garden Spider1
Badger188Giant Centipede5
Owl1879Elite Sentry Spider542
Ghast1Modern Art Sculpture3087
Scarab2139Granite Beast573
Sand Spider529Vampire Bat2142
Bunny716Cinder Beast468
Vulture41Grasping Vines3
Demonic Soldier97Guard Spider11
Giant Spider1668Sentry Spider1173
Mayor Tvarti76Sand Viper15
Deer34Gnoll Guard431
Gnoll Archer3398Gnoll Elite185
Gnoll Warrior710Gnoll Captain5
Mutant Beetle568Giant Frog21
Maneater13Drow Archer1
Mountain Troll125Mountain Lion2
Giant Mosquito Swarm4Hydra Hatchling18
Giant Crocodile5Giant Snapper Turtle7
Mummy13Dwarven Grenadier4
Hedge Lord2Goblin Scout39
Silversail Defector6Bigfoot2
Demonic Sergeant14Black Scorpion1
Giant Bat1Dungeon Initiate8
Worthless Grub1Steel Door2
Teptok Loyalist6Teptok1
Toucan4Giant Sand Wurm1
Brindlewood Tree5Gilraen1
Vroengard the Evil2Ettin6
Gardener45Crystal Formation147
Great Eagle9Rabid Chipmunk8
Colossal Ant2170Ghost of Malhavoc1
Pumpkin10Water Fairy1
Sand Scorpion7Antelope9
Treasure Chest3Drow22
Evil Sprite32Braced Door10
Gnoll Watchman21Rattlesnake9
Door2Mountain Goat2
Totem Pole5Suit of Armor303
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Tax Lord1
Seasonal Painting20Cupid1
Guruk the Ugly4Ice Troll2
Cyclops9Snowy Owl3
Alligator1Canyon Raptor1
Drow Priestess3Priestess Alan'cul1
Drow Templar2Goblin1
Drow Warrior1Arrowhead17
Skeleton Skull289Cockroach569
Mole Rat131Three-eyed Jack1
Lost Wisp26Drow Mage1
Spirit of Olist1Grizzly Bear65
Nether Beast1Torturer4
Chaotic Mage1Gnoll Juvenile12
Bezerker6Mutated Bear6
Bandit Leader7Pained Spirit61
Shrieker15Wall Crawler4
Kobold2Clay Golem211
Bronze Hornet10Albino Beetle9
Dead Scientist4Mad Scientist5
Pond Sprite1Aquatic Tendril1
Hysterical Ghoul1Crazed Zombie5
Undead Arm1Demonic Elf5
Evil Santa1Mysterious Chest1
Stone Door12Giant Cinder Beast1
Snow Leopard1Butterfly285
Ravenous Seagull1648Mutant Crab196
Lesser Werewolf1Magimox37
Crystal Golem3Ibis Statue4
Imperial Mummy1Mummified Pharaoh1
Bobcat334Red Fox145
Dryad121Skeletal Warrior5
Kingfisher6Ocean Shark2
Stingray1Box Jellyfish1
Black Knight1Captured Bandit3
Herric1Plague Demon1
Dire Boar5Stirge1
Crystal Giant1Demonic Captain3
Demonic General1

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