-- Mayhem's Profile --
ClassMale Human Archmaster Slayer
Clanrk ţn (Tag?)
CommentYou have increased to level 29, and gained 14 hp.
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed22784
Players Killed13
Deaths by Players10
Total Game Time6 days, 21h48
Character Score2296
Overall Ranking353/1825
Class Ranking39/221
Last Logon12-05-2016 02:03:25
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Vines491Hydra Hatchling107
Small Snake1277Giant Frog9
Giant Mosquito Swarm10Brown Bear3591
Giant Snapper Turtle13Giant Rat5028
Mud Monster7Black Bear8663
Bunny10Hydra Head6
Demonic Soldier42Troll10
Ogre7Hedge Minion151
Kyriarchian Magician8Kyriarchian Zealot5
Kyriarchian Prophet5Kyriarchian Fanatic1
Giant Spider1Rabid Chipmunk5
Large Snake34Stone Crypt3
Dragon Hatchling4Stone Door2
Kyriarchian Dragontamer1Einon1
Demonic Sergeant2Skeleton8
Mole Rat3Orc21
Gnoll Guard3Gnoll Archer20
Gnoll Warrior3Gnoll Elite1
Dire Boar1Skeleton Skull4
Mutant Rat1572Cockroach1484
Giant Leech74Giant Centipede2
Elite Sentry Spider7Cinder Beast3
Mutant Beetle2Giant Cinder Beast1
Giant Crocodile1Bandit14
Hedge Lord1Ghoul1
Granite Beast17Giant Cockroach1
Owl4Mayor Tvarti1
Grizzly Bear2Scorpion2
Sand Spider1Gnoll Juvenile19
Sentry Spider2Silversail Defector1

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