-- Misfit's Profile --
ClassMale Half-Orc Master Berserker
Clantr ٧ Chairman (pai)
CommentYou berserked at a Giant Centipede with your Halberd for 109 points of damage. lvl 24
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed4253
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time5 days, 9h23
Character Score2149
Overall Ranking390/1825
Class Ranking42/221
Last Logon01-14-2021 07:41:17
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Vines470Giant Frog31
Hydra Hatchling84Black Bear356
Brown Bear190Small Snake237
Gnoll Juvenile3Sentry Spider81
Guard Dogs2Giant Mosquito Swarm33
Large Snake32Bunny80
Demonic Soldier46Elite Sentry Spider9
Elshira1Sand Spider18
Sand Scorpion1Scorpion1
Vampire Bat3Gnoll Guard38
Bezerker3Mutated Bear1
Dead Scientist1Stone Door5
Giant Spider5Crystal Formation1
Giant Snapper Turtle66Giant Rat27
Mutant Rat11Giant Leech56
Mud Monster14Hydra Head20
Gnoll Archer1105Kyriarchian Magician11
Stone Crypt5Kyriarchian Zealot10
Kyriarchian Prophet15Dragon Hatchling11
Giant Centipede4Cockroach14
Kyriarchian Fanatic5Skeleton Skull11
Colossal Ant1Enchanted Sword1
Aquatic Tendril1Table1
Chair1Hedge Minion11
Skeleton140Seasonal Painting1
Arrowhead10Dwarven Grenadier2
Modern Art Sculpture44Deer3
Bandit Leader1Orc Chieftain1
Cinder Beast349Mutant Beetle257
Gardener69Demonic Sergeant3
Kyriarchian Dragontamer2Einon2
Mysterious Chest2Gnoll Warrior24
Gnoll Elite8Demonic Captain3
Sabretooth Tiger1Owl3
Skeletal Bunny3Mole Rat1
Badger4Granite Beast1
Rogue Swordsman1

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