-- Nighthawk's Profile --
ClassMale Human Legendary Hunter
Clanrk ţn Founder (Greg)
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Comment[36 (100) Orc Emblems], [37 (48)Felid, (32)Wolf], [38 (72) Arrows, (72) Timbers, (48) Vulp], [39 (72) Cep, (100) Eye, (48) Insignia, (32) Adamantite]
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KOS ListGuildmaster Kelris just gave you a Cobalt Bow.
Monsters Killed88411
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players4
Total Game Time122 days, 9h49
Character Score11086
Overall Ranking14/1825
Class Ranking4/153
Last Logon06-17-2021 03:39:27
Staff Comment(Oracle on 01-28-2014) {rc{First Human Grandmaster Hunter!{rc{

-- Monsters Killed --
Garden Spider2Goblin265
Rugged Rogue1Tattered Thief1
Small Snake1481Skeleton Skull127
Mysterious Chest95Black Bear5693
Badger98Brown Bear2686
Sand Spider807Mole Rat32
Modern Art Sculpture6380Skeleton227
Orc6074Gnoll Archer3723
Gnoll Guard647Gnoll Warrior241
Ogre393Hedge Minion6295
Water Fairy2Vampire Bat241
Large Snake289Giant Leech4774
Mutant Rat276Sentry Spider51
Giant Spider18Elite Sentry Spider256
Elshira2Kyriarchian Zealot11
Kyriarchian Prophet6Kyriarchian Magician1
Bunny172Giant Centipede10
Troll822Great Eagle753
Owl677Granite Beast1816
Stone Door94Gnoll Juvenile5
Deer26Grizzly Bear65
Goblin Scout226Demonic Soldier473
Demonic Captain11Demonic Sergeant91
Wolf860Gnoll Slave18
Mountain Troll1008Griffin1861
Cinder Beast978Mutant Beetle1503
Gardener160Mutant Seabass2
Cockroach117Mountain Lion275
Cyclops120Silversail Defector74
Dragon Hatchling1Kingfisher4
Giant Rat195Rabid Chipmunk13
Colossal Ant2040Gnoll Elite253
Rattlesnake80Gargantuan Black Widow2
Drow Warrior125Lost Wisp7
Arrowhead1177Stone Crypt1
Bandit979Bandit Leader27
Mountain Goat52Evil Sprite75
Sand Viper139Scorpion164
Ghoul25Mayor Tvarti115
Mummy120Gnoll Captain36
Braced Door44Scribe35
Dead Scientist26Plague Demon23
Bezerker226Clay Golem119
Snotling20Suit of Armor1817
Lyzanthir the Enchanter9Butterfly142
Bloom224Captain Wylsen9
Deinonychus143Red Ant154
Mud Worm719Jungle Snapper30
Stampeding Elephant14Mystic Formation26
Lunar Pedestal7Twilight Treant71
Gristle15Drow Archer195
King Cobra3Giant Bat76
Drow Mage49Crystal Giant10
Hedge Lord16Treasure Chest10
Pit Viper8Sand Scorpion16
Scarab Skeleton82Ibis Statue72
Giant Sand Wurm6Old Hermit1
Ravenous Seagull660Giant Cinder Beast12
Ice Troll172Snowy Owl19
Marauder4Time Guardian34
Seasonal Painting45Albino Beetle367
Mine Marauder10Mountain Ranger3
Guard Spider733Minotaur58
Mine Bandit483Sprite62
Mummified Priest11Coal Seam8
Anubis Statue6Imperial Mummy20
Imhotep4Titan Hornet5
Bronze Hornet28Yeti9
Herric521Demonic General3
Three-eyed Jack9Mutant Crab1498
Shrieking Spectre324Sabretooth Tiger2
Dungeon Initiate109Worthless Grub28
Wall Crawler8Pained Spirit828
Dungeon Guard30Shrieker7
Steel Door23Spirit of King Durmeal4
Undead Marcus2Mummified Pharaoh3
Magimox26Totem Pole37
Canyon Raptor11Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes3
Tax Lord74Drow Blade Mage1
Goblin Villager16Snow Leopard96
Antelope135Drider Scout6
Kobold19Drow Priestess80
Gnoll Watchman10Guardian1
Dwarven Grenadier32Rogue Swordsman11
Goblin Warrior157Lesser Werewolf46
Greater Werewolf1Haunted Mail1
Two-way Mirror1Vampire38
Drow Elite43Door10
Primal Bear370Rudolph1
Zebra44Lion Cub13
Lone Zebra4Lone Wildebeest1
Giant Cockroach1Giant Crocodile8
Dire Wolf200Giant Chameleon10
Black Wight58Wolf Spider42
Demonic Bunny1Toad10
Cave Racer15Cavern Imp27
Giant Hawk3Teptok Loyalist101
Torturer54Elven Barrow Wight299
Undead Drow Necromancer3Mad Scientist6
Barricade29Storage Cabinet3
Psychotic Elf28Rottweiler17
Drow Rogue14Drow Templar24
Priestess Alan'cul5Stone Sentinel2
Mana Root2Orc Chieftain11
Drow Blademaiden46Red Dragon5
Forest Bandit1049Snake8
Widow Spider77Earth Elemental34
Giant Frog13Lingering Soul229
Silver Fox174Bee Hive14
Coral Caterpillar485Elm Wisp10
Condor180Shadow Wraith9
Freshwater Golem7Aquatic Tendril9
Pond Sprite10Jackalope83
Giant Snapper Turtle23Captured Bandit6
Black Knight811Praying Mantis2
Insect Pod9Hornet Larva2
Unwilling Vampire25Neonate Vampire35
Mutated Bear72Vampire Patriarch2
Dobermann27Mutant Maggot37
Nether Beast17Mana Vein1
Tunneller2Crystal Golem2
Bigfoot3Water Wraith1
Tree Frog24Dark Gnome1
Caterpillar2Bolted Chest5
Drow Champion2Teptok Warrior5
Toucan24Desert Snake29
Black Scorpion2Time Knight7
Goblin Elder6Skeletal Warrior49
Dust Devil24Black Paladin39
Winged Vampire1Gorilla4
Pious Hannah1Profane Dianna2
Bobcat123Red Fox16
Time Mage3Atrium Monarch5
Ensorcelled Bow6Animated Armor4
Possessed Dagger2Flying Hammer3
Dwarven Enchanter1Time Mummy2
Magician Bandit1Snow Fox286
Tundra Wolf69Snow Wight86
Skeletal Wight27Goblin Chieftain32
Gh'ul'arg8Goblin Elite49
Goblin Shaman102Goblin Archer57
Corrupt Demon2Assassin Vine26
Stirge2Dire Boar1
Dancing Sword1Aet'Thol7
Talaskan Digestor25Polar Bear12
Wolverine36Stone Fish6
Ice Wraith19Lady Talaska2
Wolf Lord4Blue Dragon3
Crystal Formation2Priestess Kyorl1
Nymph9Spirit of Olist1
Stone Gargoyle9Portcullis5
Tomb Spirit5Scarecrow33
Sheep49Death Knight8
Frankenstein's Monster2Castle Sorcerer7
Jiangshi, Vampire Lord1Black Orc218
Predator Orc5Sparkling Seam21
Cold Sprite9Coal Golem2
Black Orc Pyromancer5Black Orc Aeromancer1
Black Orc Hydromancer5Black Orc Cryomancer1
Plague Fiend3Flame Wraith1
Vein Golem2Plagued Spider4
Drow Archmage30Pit Wraith24
Balrog1Mining Foreman7
Jaguar3Drow Corpse2
Writing Desk3Mutant Leech9
Chest39Large Rock2
Waldren2Hollow Man1
Chaotic Mage1Telatin3
Veteran Gladiator1Sarcophagus1
Wildebeest5Water Snake4
Teptok1Necro Claus1
Chief Bodyguard3Steel Safe5
Guardian Golem4Shadow Demon12
Spideresque Shadowman12Shadow Master1
Black Orc Geomancer1Drow Scholar1
Crystal Sprite6Crystal Minion5
Arcane Spire of the Flame2Arcane Spire of the Sky1
Soul Demon1Crystal Guardian1
Drow Mistress3Halloween Spider2
Castle Door2Abyssal Demon7
Pamola1Moon Spire1

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