-- No_Remorse's Profile --
ClassMale Human Adept Berserker
CommentYou attempted to smite a Giant Snapper Turtle but failed and caused 528 points of damage.
AIM NameYou attempted to smite a Hydra Hatchling but failed and caused 580 points of damage.
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed1281
Players Killed80
Deaths by Players27
Total Game Time2 days, 2h37
Character Score1442
Overall Ranking789/1825
Class Ranking85/221
Last Logon02-14-2021 09:16:19
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton14Small Snake83
Tattered Thief4Rugged Rogue9
Drunken Brawler3Thief8
Goblin9Garden Spider4
Black Bear297Sentry Spider34
Brown Bear62Giant Rat81
Vines374Mutant Rat18
Giant Leech57Hydra Hatchling26
Spirit of Ruh'guul1Ghost4
Giant Centipede3Giant Crocodile1
Giant Spider9The Grinch1
Animatronic Soldier1Gnoll Warrior31
Granite Beast3Bunny11
Rabid Chipmunk3Asp35
Griffin11Giant Frog11
Grasping Vines2Large Snake2
Demonic Soldier1Dragon Hatchling1
Warthog2Giant Snapper Turtle28
Giant Mosquito Swarm13Orc1
Elite Sentry Spider6Drow1
Cockroach3Skeleton Skull2
Crystal Formation2

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