-- Pichu's Profile --
ClassFemale Human Expert Paladin
ClanNovice (`._.wt 姧._.)
E-MailA Water Wraith dropped a Water Ring.
Commentformerly gender confused o.o
AIM NameYou attacked Blackguard Burton with a Dragonbane for 63 points of damage, defeating him.
MSN NameDruid Guild s s s s s s w s e e s s e e n (ktp snake) n
KOS ListPichu attacked an Ibis Statue with a Dwarven Pickaxe, shattering it into pieces.
Monsters Killed6083
Players Killed5
Deaths by Players28
Total Game Time8 days, 10h34
Character Score2157
Overall Ranking413/1916
Class Ranking51/167
Last Logon04-10-2022 19:43:39
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Vampire Bat1712Demonic Soldier489
Brown Bear191Giant Leech256
Black Bear191Small Snake107
Modern Art Sculpture211Vines45
Scarab33Mutant Rat153
Elite Sentry Spider412Guard Spider8
Demonic Sergeant11Orc27
Ghast2Giant Spider Zombie1
Skeletal Imp8Skeletal Orc4
Large Snake Zombie3Bunny217
Gnoll Watchman63Braced Door2
Scribe2Stone Door3
Gnoll Guard6Sludge Tentacle57
Skeletal Giant Rat2Sludge Tendril1
Hyena1Giant Spider48
Crystal Formation14Spider3
Sentry Spider1104Zanitos5
Druid of Barrier Forest1Demonic Captain2
Ghoul4Giant Rat158
Troll10Large Snake16
Bandit9Lifeless Soldier2
Giant Centipede3Ogre10
Elshira36Cinder Beast51
Mutant Beetle33Gardener19
Hedge Minion4Giant Mosquito Swarm6
Hydra Hatchling1Rabid Chipmunk53
Dwarven Grenadier2Treasure Chest1
Seasonal Painting2Giant Frog2
Ingash the Horrific1Spirit of Ariat5
Mayor Tvarti6Goblin Scout6
Mountain Lion3Granite Beast19
Grizzly Bear17Kingfisher2
Griffin1Sand Spider1
Skeletal Warrior4Water Wraith9
Kyriarchian Magician4Kyriarchian Zealot7
Zombie2Mummified Slave1
Scarab Skeleton17Ibis Statue9
Mummified Slave Leader2Cockroach17
Undead Arm2Crazed Zombie1
Gnoll Slave2Gnoll Elite18
Mountain Goat1Albino Beetle1
Gnoll Captain1Bloom1
Dire Boar1Death Knight1
Giant Bat2Barrel1
Black Paladin1Blackguard Burton1

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