-- Raptor's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Grandmaster Class IV Slayer
Clanߧ h ()
AIM Name
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KOS List
Monsters Killed50817
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time30 days, 16h21
Character Score8263
Overall Ranking35/2010
Class Ranking6/246
Last Logon01-27-2024 14:10:44
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Rugged Rogue1Garden Spider1
Thief1Tattered Thief1
Small Snake177Skeleton Skull23
Vines135Brown Bear287
Bobcat65Black Bear211
Owl100Red Fox19
Giant Rat21Badger9
Mysterious Chest27Large Snake57
Hydra Hatchling19Giant Frog2
Giant Mosquito Swarm13Mutant Rat12
Giant Leech31Sentry Spider29
Giant Spider89Elite Sentry Spider1303
Vampire Bat493Ogre53
Enchanted Sword143Granite Beast1824
Sand Spider53Cinder Beast601
Mutant Beetle551Gardener17
Giant Cinder Beast5Asp12
Modern Art Sculpture179Mummy8
Colossal Ant3Griffin1
Troll60Hedge Minion8951
Wolf24Sabretooth Tiger1
Mayor Tvarti2Ice Troll11797
Snow Fox201Tundra Wolf34
Snow Wight23Wolverine1
Polar Bear15Drow197
Guard Spider91Seasonal Painting165
Atrium Monarch10Cyclops68
Starfish10Goblin Scout30
Mountain Troll9Snow Leopard4
Talaskan Hunter6Witch3
Suit of Armor25Pained Spirit30
Tomb Spirit5Halloween Spider3
Stone Gargoyle9Rattlesnake12
Drow Warrior24Drow Priestess51
Stone Door5Drow Templar10
Dwarven Grenadier18Snotling5
Silversail Defector43Mountain Lion55
Mountain Goat2Scarecrow2
Vampire18Castle Sorcerer2
Jiangshi, Vampire Lord1Rabid Chipmunk1
Twilight Treant44Mud Worm16
Deinonychus30Stampeding Elephant8
Shrieking Spectre15Red Ant30
Door9Rogue Swordsman5
Goblin Villager17Mine Bandit12
Mine Marauder4Minotaur34
Gnoll Guard3483Gnoll Warrior6455
Skeleton19Gnoll Elite1319
Wolf Lord10Mystic Formation10
Kitsune39Jungle Snapper16
Moon Spire3Pamola8
Veteran Gladiator3Red Dragon5
Drow Archer15Drow Elite32
Drow Champion7Maneater53
Ghast1Bolted Chest6
Abyssal Demon8Sprite1
Arcane Spire of the Soil1Elven Barrow Wight209
Demonic Soldier15Necro Claus3
King Cobra2Alligator4
Albino Beetle10Goblin Elder6
Drow Rogue8High Priestess Ku'Nal2
Nether Beast7Giant Sand Wurm2
Snowy Owl3Kobold2
Drow Mistress3Mana Heart3
Steel Door3Chest1
Mutant Leech1Drow Mage3
Dungeon Initiate16Dungeon Guard8
Teptok Loyalist19Teptok Warrior7
Torturer18Plague Fiend2
Plagued Spider1Blue Dragon2
Giant Bat2Canyon Raptor2
Aet'Thol1Herald of the Damned6
Yeti1Drider Scout1
Captain Wylsen6Chief Bodyguard2
Rottweiler1Mutant Maggot1
Black Orc3Ice Wraith9
Predator Orc2Crystal Minion3
Crystal Sprite1Soul Demon1
Drow Blade Mage2Hornet Queen1
Talaskan Digestor9Worthless Grub2
Giant Vampire Bat1871Sand Viper2
Vein Golem1Stone Fish4
Lady Talaska2Stone Sentinel2
Lost Soul2Gargoyle2
Lunar Pedestal1Arrowhead269
Totem Pole1Treasure Chest1
Vulture4Psychotic Elf2
Goblin Healer2Skeletal Wight2
Three-eyed Jack2Magimox11
Crystal Golem2Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes1
Drow Blademaiden1Cauldron1
Desert Snake5Time Guardian7
Time Knight1Time Mage1
Waldren1Flame Wraith1
Dungeon Knight1Telatin1
Demonic Captain2Animated Bear Skin10
Cold Sprite4Ghoul3
Skeletal Bunny1Haunted Mail7
Two-way Mirror4Diabolical Pit2
Pit Wraith1Zombie6
Haunted Portrait10Demonic Bunny2
Lesser Werewolf2Vampire Suppressor1
Mining Foreman2

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