-- Reign's Profile --
ClassMale Gnome Adept Mage
Clanrk ţn (~Shella~)
E-MailA Planar Dragon attacked you with its Planar Claws
CommentYou gave an Alchemy Cauldron: Lifewater Potion, Glowing Fluid.
AIM NameAn Alchemy Cauldron just gave you an Unknown Brew #398142.
MSN Name
KOS ListNoob Killer
Monsters Killed2178
Players Killed29
Deaths by Players55
Total Game Time3 days, 8h13
Character Score1422
Overall Ranking684/1566
Class Ranking83/184
Last Logon09-10-2018 21:39:08
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake891Giant Rat320
Mutant Rat156Skeleton65
Black Bear309Brown Bear174
Hedge Minion8Giant Leech65
Elite Sentry Spider15Asp32
Colossal Ant1Griffin10
Orc13Granite Beast3
Chair1Demonic Soldier19
Giant Crocodile1Kingfisher1
Large Snake6Owl5
Rabid Chipmunk5Sentry Spider4
Giant Spider1Table1
Vines21Garden Spider2
Guardian of Aet'Thol1Bunny17
Gnoll Guard1Starfish10

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