-- Rush's Profile --
ClassFemale Gnome Legendary Assassin
ClanPandemonium Founder
E-MailYou attempted to assassinate a Sheep but failed.
CommentDerlok gave you: 1 Topaz Key
AIM NameYou put gold in the slot machine and you rolled a Red Seven, Red Seven, Red Seven. You got 3 of the same, and win 500000 gold.
MSN Name Blue Dragonx1 Anubis Statuex1 Mummified Pharaohx1 Malokx4 Atriumx1 Crystal Giantx5 Demonic Dragonx1 Undead Marcusx1 Demonic Giantx1 Gristlex7 Lyzanthir the Enchanter.x2 Goblin Elder
KOS ListYou assassinated Imhotep.x1 You got a Triangle of Thunder. Hedge Lord.x8 Bansheex2 Captain Wylsenx5 Gswx1 Bigfootx3 Time Knightx2 Champions Moshx1 Triplexx5 wes/q has thief guild ring
Monsters Killed99614
Players Killed129
Deaths by Players81
Total Game Time168 days, 11h58
Character Score8730
Overall Ranking28/2010
Class Ranking2/247
Last Logon01-23-2024 15:42:31
Staff Comment(Oracle on 03-09-2014) {aa55aa{Congrats on being a Legendary Assassin!

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake629Black Bear1174
Spider27Rugged Rogue64
Door99Tattered Thief6
Burly Bartender26Thief Guard1013
Skeleton401Brown Bear939
Vines331Drunken Brawler58
Giant Rat923Sentry Spider1159
Hydra Hatchling87Giant Mosquito Swarm85
Guard16Old Chest8
Mutant Rat679Gnoll Warrior45
Giant Leech155Bunny1639
Braced Door162Rel-thon's Chest2
Master Trainer2Guard Dogs56
Mansion Owner49Asp299
Large Snake65Orc651
Mutant Beetle7001Cinder Beast5243
Modern Art Sculpture2837Scarab4250
Gardener2046Gnoll Elite154
Gnoll Guard133Gnoll Archer830
Master Thief1970Banker10
Bandit492Elite Sentry Spider1008
Elshira18Grasping Vines4
Giant Spider129Giant Frog7
Giant Centipede5Giant Snapper Turtle8
Hedge Minion755Mayor Tvarti46
Maneater77Drow Mage3
Giant Bat58Grizzly Bear26
Crystal Formation36Vampire Bat283
Stone Door82Goblin Scout113
Antelope70Snow Leopard36
Steel Door679Granite Beast830
Demonic Soldier462Bigfoot8
Scarab Skeleton44Scorpion133
Sand Viper16Sand Spider316
Dwarven Grenadier40Gravestone23
Garden Spider1Scarecrow4
Pumpkin14Ghost of Superbeast1
Ghost of Malhavoc1Ghost of Kertenx1
Ghost of PureMourning1Ghost of God_of_Death1
Ghost of Corinne2Ghost of Vietgnome2
Demonic Giant2Ghost of Kataklysm2
Ghost of Devotchka1Ghost of Undertow1
Ghost of Pwn_Nub1Ettin128
Demonic Dragon1Gristle33
Mummy18Drow Archer27
Drow29267Canyon Raptor17
Bandit Leader35Mountain Goat23
Mountain Troll231Wolf55
Griffin416Mountain Lion47
Giant Cinder Beast50Gnoll Slave36
Treasure Chest4Lioness3
Lone Wildebeest1Clay Golem45
Sprite422Rabid Chipmunk43
Sand Scorpion13Animatronic Soldier53
The Grinch9Dasher7
Christmas Spirit1Crystal Giant12
Lyzanthir the Enchanter2Evil Elf52
Evil Reindeer1Vixen6
Drow Warrior70Dungeon Initiate308
Barrow Wight7Table426
Mutant Crab1445Guard Spider253
Giant Crocodile7Rattlesnake97
Alligator21Goblin Villager68
Guild Bartender18Baboon23
Anaconda18Desert Snake41
Black Scorpion4Cyclops40
Lion Cub2Toucan15
Tiger11Seasonal Painting15
Suit of Armor324Demonic Captain1
Badger42Hedge Lord13
Mountain Ranger2Tree Frog11
Arrowhead44Totem Pole11
Tax Lord5Butterfly71
Evil Sprite30Great Eagle30
Marauder98Ice Troll19
Gorilla14King Cobra8
Drider Scout1Drow Priestess7
Drow Templar4Nether Beast1
Silversail Defector140Captain Wylsen11
Giant Water Snake2Ibis Statue38
Vein Golem2Lost Soul1
Demonic Sergeant11Giant Sand Wurm2
Goblin Healer8Orc Chieftain1
Lone Zebra1Time Knight2
Kingfisher6Dungeon Guard82
Worthless Grub70Pained Spirit15029
Undead Marcus2Kobold10
Teptok Loyalist5Wall Crawler15
Witch1Goblin Elder4
Malok7Atrium Monarch3
Colossal Ant313Harpy4
Minotaur23Rogue Swordsman9
Death Knight1Mutant Seabass1
Bolted Chest4Water Wraith17
Drow Elite11Pine Tree1
Plague Fiend1Teptok Warrior2
Dungeon Knight1Blue Dragon1
Bloom21Gnoll Captain6
Gnoll Watchman172Gnoll8
Dead Scientist26Mutated Bear7
Mad Scientist3Bezerker489
Herric9Plague Demon2
Zombie10Imperial Mummy5
Scribe4Persuaded Follower21
Corrupt Demon38Snowy Owl7
Drow Archmage1Drow Corpse1
Dryad7Dark Gnome2
Toad5Water Fairy4
Mana Vein1Shrieker28
Spirit of King Durmeal4Anubis Statue1
Mummified Pharaoh2Mummified Priest1
Imhotep1Skeleton Skull55
Cockroach196Mole Rat30
Sabretooth Tiger6Starfish70
Old Hermit5Ravenous Seagull697
Ocean Shark4Stingray2
Box Jellyfish1Three-eyed Jack2
Veteran Gladiator6Gargoyle5
Floating Ghostly Head15Spirit Guard1
Pit Viper2Cauldron3
Psychotic Elf7Mourner2
Spirit of Olist2Drow Blademaiden7
Ghost Berserker2Ghost Soldier9
Ice Sprite5Demonic Slave6
Pyromancer1Dimensional Planewalker1
Demonic General2Demonic Spellcaster1
Vampire Assassin1Lost Wisp7
Pit Wraith1Castle Door6
Evil Santa3Gnoll Juvenile10
Pond Sprite1Aquatic Tendril2
Freshwater Golem1Barricade81
Albino Beetle40Bronze Hornet9
Rockfall4Insect Pod1
Coal Seam48Teptok1
Flame Wraith1Time Guardian3
Mine Marauder6Time Mage1
Black Knight26Dust Devil1
Guardian1Praying Mantis1
Mine Bandit10Ethereal Shrine1
Giant Cockroach19Snowman2
Black Orc52Sparkling Seam536
Predator Orc8Cold Sprite18
Skeletal Warrior1Black Orc Aeromancer1
Ice Wraith1Animated Armor1
Deranged Witch7Traumatized Ghost1
Crazed Zombie3Undead Arm4
Shadow1Demonic Elf20
Magimox7Crystal Golem3
Lesser Werewolf4Twilight Treant2
Mud Worm3Shrieking Spectre1
Arcane Spire of the Soil2Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes1
Black Wight3Wolf Spider3
Coal Golem3Black Orc Hydromancer1
Red Ant1Deinonychus1
Jungle Snapper1Elven Barrow Wight14
Captured Bandit21Undead Drow Necromancer1
Skeletal Bunny3Demonic Bunny1
Cavern Imp69Cave Racer29
Forest Bandit40Lingering Soul3
Red Fox8Stirge14
Assassin Vine44Krenshar2
Mutant Water Spider1Ankheg8
Dire Boar3Manticore4
Sheep7Silver Fox3
Mirage Moth1Widow Spider1
Coral Caterpillar1

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