-- Ruthless' Profile --
ClassMale Elf Legendary Knight
Clanrk ţn Leader (!.-'-. HtD .-'-.!)
Comment*Major Gowen takes the items you offer, then removes his prized gauntlets and hands them to you.*
AIM NameMajor Gowen: You have proven yourself worthy of these, Sir Knight.
MSN NameMajor Gowen just gave you a Dragon Gauntlets.
KOS List
Monsters Killed272341
Players Killed2
Deaths by Players1
Total Game Time45 days, 22h2
Character Score7692
Overall Ranking51/2010
Class Ranking6/359
Last Logon09-29-2023 20:29:57
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Garden Spider2Lost Wisp2
Thief1Drunken Brawler1
Vines174Mysterious Chest204
Black Bear1385Brown Bear712
Small Snake624Mutant Rat344
Hydra Hatchling37Giant Frog18
Cockroach111Giant Rat358
Giant Leech801Skeleton Skull73
Giant Snapper Turtle44Enchanted Sword5
Kyriarchian Dragontamer3Dragon Hatchling4
Kyriarchian Magician2Kyriarchian Prophet4
Stone Crypt1Kyriarchian Zealot2
Stone Door1Wolf15
Bandit208Vampire Bat249661
Skeleton52Gnoll Guard56
Gnoll Archer2124Gnoll Elite22
Gnoll Warrior60Guruk the Ugly14
Kyriarchian Fanatic3Mayor Tvarti6
Orc7260Colossal Ant20
Asp17Cinder Beast1083
Mutant Beetle1266Gardener1861
Granite Beast465Sand Spider4
Demonic Soldier27Troll26
Large Snake31Deer2
Giant Cinder Beast53Hedge Minion12
Owl284Hedge Lord1
Elite Sentry Spider27Guard Spider13
Giant Bat4Badger9
Scarab33Modern Art Sculpture598
Canyon Raptor2Grizzly Bear1
Drow Warrior1Lyzanthir the Enchanter2
Mud Worm2Mystic Formation1
Treasure Chest2Seasonal Painting8
Suit of Armor4Arrowhead422
Toad4Lingering Soul2
Black Wight6Shadow Wraith1
Goblin Scout4Antelope2
Mountain Lion1Mountain Goat1
Dwarven Grenadier1Drow Champion1
Drow Elite2Revenant7
Vampire6Neonate Vampire2
Totem Pole2Tax Lord1
Bandit Leader3Magimox2
Mole Rat3Giant Crocodile1
Red Fox20Goblin Elder1
Goblin Villager3Giant Sand Wurm2
Snow Leopard1Dryad1
Forest Bandit1Sand Viper1
Freshwater Golem3Aquatic Tendril4
Shrieking Spectre2Deinonychus1
Twilight Treant1Wolf Spider1
Unwilling Vampire1Demonic Sergeant3
Demonic General1Vampire Patriarch1
Drow Archer1

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