-- Scylla's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Expert Berserker
Clanrk ţn (ã)
E-Mail(pronounced SIGH-luh)
CommentYou attempted to smite an Ankheg but failed and caused 1100 points of damage.
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed1546
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time1 days, 17h13
Character Score1895
Overall Ranking478/1825
Class Ranking51/221
Last Logon03-31-2021 00:31:31
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Hydra Hatchling51Mysterious Chest12
Skeleton1Small Snake11
Owl1Goblin Prisoner11
Animated Sapling16Grass Snake15
Soldier Spirit11Sentry Spider1
Gnoll Juvenile1Bobcat5
Red Fox1Black Bear1
Brown Bear2Assassin Vine198
Manticore1Mud Monster10
Giant Snapper Turtle26Giant Mosquito Swarm3
Hydra Head49Mutant Water Spider3
Giant Crayfish3Water Moccasin2
Dire Boar1Ankheg216
Ogre6Gnoll Guard3
Gnoll Captain1Gnoll Archer13
Bandit4Enchanted Sword12
Demonic Soldier225Demonic Sergeant12
Demonic Captain6Drow12
Stone Door3Stirge1
Troll3Hedge Minion7
Dragon Hatchling1

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