-- Shank's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Archmaster Class II Assassin
Clanߧ h (J-)
E-Mail22 x 19 23 18 17
CommentYou equipped a Bone Skewer.
AIM NameYou have increased to level 32, and gained 21 hp.
MSN NameYou attempted to assassinate a Drow but failed and caused 391 points of damage.
KOS List
Monsters Killed13782
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time9 days, 11h54
Character Score3051
Overall Ranking215/1918
Class Ranking32/232
Last Logon05-26-2022 00:45:26
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Tattered Thief2Lost Wisp3
Goblin2Drunken Brawler1
Vines477Giant Rat6
Giant Mosquito Swarm199Thief167
Thief Guard21Rugged Rogue43
Cockroach3Small Snake105
Mole Rat1Skeleton Skull1
Hydra Hatchling28Giant Frog1
Bobcat68Mud Monster5
Hydra Head38Assassin Vine2286
Bandit209Black Bear541
Brown Bear393Hydra Body4
Large Snake38Owl55
Giant Leech6Elite Sentry Spider2649
Garden Spider1Spider1
Scarab262Stone Door7
Sentry Spider2Rabid Chipmunk4
Giant Spider9Guard3
Old Chest3Mutant Crab24
Mansion Owner10Guard Spider11
Asp9Sand Spider27
Griffin54Mutant Water Spider4
Water Moccasin5Giant Crayfish1
Granite Beast356Ogre47
Gnoll Guard246Skeleton2
Gnoll Archer55Mayor Tvarti1
Seasonal Painting17Enchanted Sword14
Gnoll Elite6Bloom1
Sprite7Cinder Beast39
Gardener9Mutant Beetle450
Modern Art Sculpture238Hedge Minion41
Vampire Bat3Demonic Soldier7
Red Fox5Giant Crocodile1
Gnoll Warrior7Gnoll Captain1
Braced Door1Scribe1
Suit of Armor278Colossal Ant213
Clay Golem22Skeletal Wight1
Snow Fox15Ice Troll2

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