-- Shapeshifter's Profile --
Name ..::|^^^^^^^^^^|::..
ClassMale Elf Master Druid
Clanrk ţn (@)-`-,--'--- King of Hearts @)-`-,--'---)
E-Mails s s s s s w s e e s s e e n (ktp snake) n
Comment@)-`-,--'--- King of Hearts @)-`-,--'---
AIM NameElf: How many shapes can I make out of you?
MSN NameElf attacked you with her Rainbow Blade for 674102 points of damage. Killing You!
KOS List[Clan] Diabolic: twisted... im perfectly normal... you all just have a backwards perspective on things :)
Monsters Killed15630
Players Killed71
Deaths by Players97
Total Game Time56 days, 3h36
Character Score3988
Overall Ranking146/2010
Class Ranking18/243
Last Logon10-24-2017 06:42:59
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake1095Bunny148
Giant Rat1470Mutant Rat943
Asp209Black Bear2664
Brown Bear1108Orc59
Wounded Druid1Sentry Spider954
Rugged Rogue3Door9
Chest2Drunken Brawler15
Thief Guard1Vines83
Hydra Hatchling18Magimox4
Large Snake28Granite Beast565
Grizzly Bear8Owl76
Goblin429Goblin Warrior209
Goblin Archer136Skeleton169
Demonic Soldier51Demonic Sergeant1
Grasping Vines8Hedge Minion112
Ogre335Cinder Beast186
Giant Leech1090Colossal Ant35
Mountain Troll1Skeletal Imp13
Zombie12Sludge Tentacle78
Garden Spider8Guardian of Aet'Thol2
Gnoll Warrior24Skeletal Orc1
Zanitos5Skeletal Giant Rat1
Giant Frog24Giant Mosquito Swarm41
Hydra Head2Giant Snapper Turtle4
Bandit Leader2Troll115
Vampire Bat22Ghast1
Clay Golem6Injured Eagle3
Giant Spider774Spider17
Gardener52Gnoll Elite14
Gnoll Guard10Gnoll Archer109
Worthless Grub1Pained Spirit1
Elite Sentry Spider289Elshira14
Scorpion20Mutant Beetle97
Crystal Formation227Sand Spider25
Mountain Goat1Ghoul5
Seasonal Painting1Arrowhead1
Skeletal Warrior6Badger37
Warthog1Dwarven Grenadier1
Modern Art Sculpture123Goblin Scout9
Maneater8Spider King1
Guard Spider15Rabid Chipmunk10
Giant Crocodile2Giant Centipede4
Table1Goblin Shaman2
Giant Sand Wurm1Mud Monster1
Bigfoot1Mountain Lion2
Anaconda2Mayor Tvarti1
Giant Cinder Beast6Pumpkin20
Ghost of Freek1Ghost of Malhavoc2
Ghost of Memphis1Gravestone9
Ghost of Solstice1Demonic Lord1
Ghost of Nepharious Malhavoc1Ghost of Soporette1
Demonic Giant1Scarecrow1
Christmas Spirit2Animatronic Soldier18
Snowman14The Grinch1
Rattlesnake5Giant Bat3
Canyon Raptor3Dryad3
Vulture1Evil Sprite2
Gnoll34Water Fairy4
Gnoll Slave2Ettin2
Scarab Skeleton3Stone Door2
Gnoll Watchman24Braced Door7
Gnoll Captain3Sand Viper3
Sand Scorpion1Mole Rat44
Cockroach54Skeleton Skull50
Drow Archer1Scribe1
Starfish1Gnoll Juvenile7
Dragon Hatchling2Kyriarchian Dragontamer1
Kyriarchian Prophet1Giant Cockroach1
Lost Wisp3Mummified Slave Leader1
Crystal Giant1Demonic Elf9
Evil Elf1Bobcat57
Red Fox44

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