-- Slaine's Profile --
ClassMale Dwarf Archmaster Class I Slayer
Clanrk ţn (Codename: Duchess)
AIM Name
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed7799
Players Killed15
Deaths by Players8
Total Game Time9 days, 13h54
Character Score2537
Overall Ranking276/1825
Class Ranking33/221
Last Logon03-05-2015 22:35:07
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Vines658Giant Rat26
Black Bear407Giant Mosquito Swarm114
Hydra Hatchling139Hydra Head63
Giant Frog55Giant Snapper Turtle92
Sentry Spider8Giant Spider27
Crystal Formation6Spider1
Guard Dogs1Brown Bear214
Giant Leech48Small Snake87
Deer7Mutant Rat18
Mud Monster29Hydra Body1
Assassin Vine8Crocodile13
Water Moccasin8Giant Crayfish4
Large Snake42Spirit of Ariat4
Warthog1Dire Boar2
Mutant Water Spider2Kyriarchian Zealot9
Kyriarchian Magician7Stone Door16
Kyriarchian Dragontamer2Dark Cauldron1
Dragon Hatchling5Stone Crypt1
Bunny54Kyriarchian Fanatic4
Kyriarchian Prophet9Mutant Beetle244
Gnoll Juvenile17Rabid Chipmunk2
Vampire Bat775Drow100
Cinder Beast141Mayor Tvarti32
Seasonal Painting8Suit of Armor201
Tax Lord5Gnoll Guard263
Modern Art Sculpture590Scarab746
Demonic Soldier129Demonic Sergeant3
Demonic Captain4Gnoll Archer1097
Gnoll Elite16Gnoll Warrior8
Bandit12Enchanted Sword1
Giant Cockroach1Hedge Minion415
Owl99Skeleton Skull2
Granite Beast68Sand Spider53
Sand Scorpion2Scorpion12
Sprite1Pond Sprite3
Aquatic Tendril3Maneater13
King Cobra1Drow Elite1
Giant Bat4Tunneller1
Drow Mage1Asp16
Sabretooth Tiger1Badger6
Vulture1Braced Door1
Mummy4Drow Archer2
Rattlesnake4Ice Troll3
Drow Champion2Psychotic Elf1
Drow Blade Mage2Freshwater Golem2
Mole Rat1Cockroach7
Clay Golem1Skeletal Warrior1
Colossal Ant4Kingfisher1
Griffin22Albino Beetle1
Cauldron1Drow Blademaiden1
Hedge Lord1Wolf1
Ibis Statue2Starfish9
Mutant Crab56Snotling2
Dwarven Grenadier3Magimox3
Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes1Skeleton2
Giant Centipede1Orc Chieftain1
Arrowhead1Treasure Chest1
Grizzly Bear1Barricade1
Black Orc3Cold Sprite1
Black Orc Cryomancer1Alligator1
Skeletal Bunny6Elite Sentry Spider1
Mysterious Chest1Mud Worm3
Shrieking Spectre4Mystic Formation4
Deinonychus2Red Ant1
Atrium Monarch1Bandit Leader1
Gnoll Captain1Plague Demon1
Dead Scientist1Mountain Lion6
Snowy Owl1Dungeon Initiate6
Teptok Loyalist7Worthless Grub1
Jungle Snapper2Twilight Treant3
Ravenous Seagull13Dungeon Guard1
Steel Door1Persuaded Follower1
Pained Spirit8Wall Crawler1
Door1Silversail Defector1
Forest Bandit1

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