-- Sovereign's Profile --
ClassFemale Human Archmaster Class V Templar
ClanTranquility Chairwoman (....................................................................................................)
E-Mail24 19 19 19 19 22
CommentSovereign: aprils fools o.o Sovereign was banned. Derlok: trick or treat?
AIM NameThere are 18 characters online, (17 users).
MSN NameA Drow and 500x Bat Flesh's are here with you. Wes has: scholar's amulet, arcane wrappings, blade of hypaepa, boots of faith
KOS ListYou have a ping of 125284ms to the server. You healed a Demonic Soldier for 83 points of damage. [Friend] Sober: when life hands you a jeffrey, pet the furry wall.
Monsters Killed64820
Players Killed4
Deaths by Players76
Total Game Time71 days, 14h23
Character Score9662
Overall Ranking16/1699
Class Ranking2/143
Last Logon12-30-2016 16:15:43
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Small Snake2376Skeleton1402
Wounded Druid11Skeletal Giant Rat36
Hyena39Black Bear5737
Giant Rat936Large Snake606
Bunny488Large Snake Zombie18
Skeletal Imp41Brown Bear2931
Giant Leech1395Giant Spider Zombie9
Skeletal Orc24Orc862
Owl534Mutant Rat675
Demonic Soldier5970Hydra Hatchling8
Vines37Demonic Sergeant76
Zombie276Sludge Tentacle26
Troll285Granite Beast646
Zanitos6Vampire Bat29695
Crystal Formation31Sentry Spider30
Giant Spider172Elite Sentry Spider141
Garden Spider6Sand Spider62
Modern Art Sculpture891Gnoll Archer455
Gnoll Guard99Deer30
Scarab116Gnoll Warrior91
Gnoll Elite42Giant Mosquito Swarm6
Ettin43Seasonal Painting2
Badger215Rabid Chipmunk275
Guard Spider39Skeleton Skull360
Cockroach505Mole Rat203
Ogre97Hedge Minion329
Tomb Spirit16Floating Ghostly Head15
Demonic Captain12Wolf60
Mutant Crab2Goblin Scout65
Gnoll Slave20Asp172
Dungeon Initiate25Kobold2
Pained Spirit97Teptok Loyalist2
Scribe8Injured Eagle8
Dungeon Guard9Wall Crawler2
Corrupt Demon5Grizzly Bear55
Bezerker24Bandit Leader7
Mountain Lion24Colossal Ant92
Griffin241Cinder Beast50
Mutant Beetle39Kingfisher60
Water Wraith8Mountain Troll26
Suit of Armor42Dwarven Grenadier46
Scorpion39Sand Viper2
Giant Sand Wurm1Ghost Soldier10
Ghost Berserker3Lost Wisp57
Skeletal Warrior63Scarab Skeleton287
Mummified Slave817Giant Bat41
Steel Door4Hedge Lord6
Giant Centipede6Worthless Grub5
Black Knight18Black Paladin15
Stone Door4Silversail Defector12
Giant Crocodile4Gnoll Juvenile122
Albino Beetle26Anaconda2
Giant Frog3Dead Scientist8
Mad Scientist7Mutated Bear14
Bolted Chest1Torturer1
Teptok Warrior1Vein Golem1
Time Mage2Herric3
Gnoll Captain1Mummified Priest1
Ibis Statue58Snow Leopard18
Mayor Tvarti6Minotaur10
Yeti7Time Guardian1
Dust Devil1Imhotep1
Plague Demon2Clay Golem12
Water Fairy2Mourner1
Guardian of Aet'Thol1Drow Warrior1
Snowy Owl3Mountain Goat11
Veteran Gladiator3Warthog7
Herald of the Damned2Cyclops25
Mine Bandit12Ice Troll7
Rattlesnake5Spirit of Olist1
Ethereal Shrine4Lifeless Soldier8
Giant Cockroach6Mysterious Chest1
Castle Door4Snowman2
Evil Elf2Dancer1
Giant Cinder Beast1Mummified Slave Leader22
Black Orc7Time Mummy1
Coal Golem1Predator Orc2
Cold Sprite3Anubis Statue1
Rogue Swordsman1Maneater14
Vulture21Evil Sprite15
Mine Marauder2Totem Pole2
Coal Seam10Dryad5
Gnoll3Gnoll Watchman8
Aquatic Tendril6Freshwater Golem4
Pond Sprite4Nymph163
Cauldron3Psychotic Elf2
Lieutenant Burton26Portcullis5
Blackguard Jouster22Death Knight14
Blackguard14Blackguard Burton5
Animated Armor1Drow Archer6
Braced Door19Barrel14
Crazed Zombie1Deluded Ghast1
Undead Arm1Drow Priestess4
Drow Templar2Stone Sentinel1
Blackguard Chef11Undead Marcus2
Shrieker1Persuaded Follower1
Red Ant5Mystic Formation2
Mud Worm5Shrieking Spectre3
Deinonychus2Jungle Snapper2
Twilight Treant1Dark Gnome2
Bronze Hornet2Drow Blademaiden1
Barricade6Sandstone Block7
Stone Gargoyle3Sabretooth Tiger1
Starfish2Storage Cabinet1
Ethereal Confine1Demonic Elf12
Spider King1Crystal Golem16
Canyon Raptor1Green Mummy2
Evil Spirit5Mummified Pharaoh1
Gold Mummy1Drow Elite2
Imperial Mummy11Elven Barrow Wight12
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Shadow Wraith1
Sarcophagus1Chaotic Mage1
Black Wight2Goblin Villager1
Bobcat4Red Fox1

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