-- Syk's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Grandmaster Class I Priest
Clanߧ h Founder (Craig)
E-Mail17 19 21 18 18 19
CommentYou hold the Crystal Radiant aloft, and a blinding ray of sunlight overwhelms Red Dragon for 30 points of damage., defeating it!
AIM Name
MSN NameYou hold the Crystal Radiant aloft, and a blinding ray of sunlight overwhelms Elven Barrow Wight for 82 points of damage.
KOS List
Monsters Killed10945
Players Killed1
Deaths by Players1
Total Game Time23 days, 7h54
Character Score5015
Overall Ranking96/1914
Class Ranking16/301
Last Logon05-28-2022 21:09:18
Staff Comment(Stig on 08-27-2014) Day-banned for an offensive yell clearly aimed at staff.

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton Skull102Skeleton1765
Mole Rat23Demonic Soldier4207
Aglon the Scourge1Brown Bear135
Mummy6Modern Art Sculpture316
Demonic Sergeant148Small Snake29
Orc7Demonic Captain25
Troll10Hedge Minion7
Elite Sentry Spider115Guard Spider8
Elven Barrow Wight2153Badger8
Mysterious Chest2Ghoul51
Zombie16Skeletal Warrior25
Scarab Skeleton40Mummified Slave10
Mutant Rat2Vampire Bat233
Lingering Soul68Earth Elemental3
Forest Bandit6Granite Beast33
Giant Leech7Asp3
Black Wight20Ghost10
Vampire16Neonate Vampire12
Revenant116Unwilling Vampire7
Bobcat13Black Bear30
Red Fox3Vampire Patriarch7
Rabid Chipmunk2Owl6
Cinder Beast3Goblin Scout3
Gnoll Guard6Bunny4
Skeletal Wight346Scarab5
Mayor Tvarti1Sabretooth Tiger1
Suit of Armor4Lost Wisp2
Snow Wight14Spider King5
Abyssal Demon2Injured Eagle31
Minotaur8Undead Drow Necromancer7
Necro Claus10Vines1
Arovet the Infidel1Koschei the Deathless13
Scribe1Stone Door1
Wolf3Mountain Goat1
Pit Wraith138Pit Viper1
Mountain Lion3Giant Bat5
Drow Mage1Mining Foreman13
Teptok Loyalist4Ice Wraith53
Kitsune251Lady Talaska9
Torturer33Drow Elite1
Albino Beetle1Aet'Thol6
Shadow Wraith4Ghast4
Moon Spire1Red Dragon1
Twilight Treant2Giant Cinder Beast1
Giant Vampire Bat1Shrieking Spectre7
Demonic General1Mystic Formation1
Rattlesnake1Cave Racer1
Stone Fish2Giant Rat2
Drow Priestess7Dux1
Bronze Hornet1Mummified Slave Leader3
Imperial Mummy30Flame Wraith1

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