-- Treated's Profile --
ClassFemale Dwarf Expert Berserker
Clanrk ţn (-==-Ѐ__ãv-==-)
E-MailCalculator: 182+252+292+294+172 = 1192 zerk turle
CommentYou attempted to smite a Purple Dragon Queen but failed and caused 194 points of damage.
AIM NameTecton hit Treated with another kind of treatment: did you know human urine is good for waterproofing wood? for 1000 points of damage. Killing her
MSN NameDerlok attacked you with his Bonac Lance for 1000000054 points of damage. Killing You!
KOS ListDistiller: kill me again..i dare you Distiller fell to the floor, his injuries getting the better of him
Monsters Killed4422
Players Killed174
Deaths by Players122
Total Game Time9 days, 11h57
Character Score1592
Overall Ranking649/1825
Class Ranking73/221
Last Logon01-14-2021 17:47:36
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Sentry Spider60Bunny89
Black Bear673Giant Spider48
Giant Rat322Small Snake720
Brown Bear543Large Snake312
Orc75Mutant Rat111
Crystal Formation4Vines298
Goblin6Rugged Rogue5
Tattered Thief2Thief2
Garden Spider6Drunken Brawler1
Hydra Hatchling65Giant Frog36
Giant Mosquito Swarm34Skeleton91
Giant Leech155Badger4
Giant Crocodile4Demonic Soldier11
Arrowhead1Seasonal Painting1
Grizzly Bear26Gnoll Warrior252
Troll6Colossal Ant14
Cinder Beast10Mutant Beetle1
Demonic Sergeant1Vampire Bat2
Grasping Vines1Giant Snapper Turtle60
Mud Monster11Hydra Head18
Bandit7Guardian of Aet'Thol2
Gnoll Elite4Drow Archer1
Bandit Leader1Evil Sprite1
Sludge Lord1Gnoll Archer3
Animatronic Soldier1Gnoll Guard5
Elite Sentry Spider1Mountain Troll1
Deer6Skeleton Skull22
Cockroach5Mole Rat4
Giant Centipede1Water Fairy6
Skeletal Warrior5Clay Golem4
Warthog2Kyriarchian Zealot7
Kyriarchian Prophet9Kyriarchian Fanatic5
Einon2Stone Crypt5
Kyriarchian Magician3Stone Door2
Dragon Hatchling4Red Fox2

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