-- Violate's Profile --
ClassMale Halfling Archmaster Class II Templar
Clanߧ h (h@t )
AIM NameGuard-495k Slaves-325k Sergeants-314k Bat-340k
MSN Name
KOS ListYou have increased to level 29, gained 9 hp and gained 11 mana points.
Monsters Killed4893
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time5 days, 13h24
Character Score3011
Overall Ranking216/1914
Class Ranking24/166
Last Logon04-08-2022 05:01:47
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Thief2Drunken Brawler1
Skeleton Skull49Skeleton18
Small Snake17Vampire Bat287
Orc22Garden Spider1
Red Fox2Demonic Soldier125
Giant Rat2Aglon the Scourge3
Skeletal Warrior1Skeletal Giant Rat4
Vines12Hydra Hatchling1
Bobcat4Lost Wisp3
Mole Rat7Mutant Rat4
Mutant Leech1Brown Bear19
Enchanted Sword8Bunny4
Mummified Slave652Scarab Skeleton9
Ghoul14Wounded Druid1
Zombie1Black Bear25
Demonic Sergeant73Demonic Captain4
Granite Beast24Magimox1
Crystal Golem1Elemental418
Bandit75Gnoll Guard1659
Gnoll Elite9Gnoll Archer11
Gnoll Warrior38Tomb Spirit975
Sand Scorpion2Scorpion2
Maneater2King Cobra1
Rattlesnake1Injured Eagle5
Mountain Lion3Mountain Goat1
Pit Wraith80Giant Vampire Bat183
Blackguard Jouster1Braced Door2
Black Knight3Lieutenant Burton1
Blackguard3Giant Bat3
Death Knight1Black Paladin1
Blackguard Burton1Wolf2
Pit Viper1

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