-- Xanthia's Profile --
ClassFemale Halfling Grandmaster Class I Knight
Clanrk ţn (Smug Rich Girl)
AIM Name[Clan] Adultery: lol rappys like the best player to ever touch multy. you probably shoulda made him lead lol
MSN Name
KOS List
Monsters Killed51813
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time26 days, 9h17
Character Score4709
Overall Ranking105/1914
Class Ranking13/340
Last Logon04-03-2022 12:20:06
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Drunken Brawler27Goblin28
Garden Spider31Thief25
Rugged Rogue31Tattered Thief34
Lost Wisp27Mysterious Chest17
Small Snake1602Gnoll Juvenile1
Black Bear4789Giant Rat255
Skeleton Skull29Skeleton23
Giant Leech383Cockroach108
Mutant Rat230Red Fox168
Vampire Bat18138Brown Bear3155
Enchanted Sword20Giant Mosquito Swarm13
Hydra Hatchling7Hydra Head1
Orc4078Mole Rat11
Atrium Monarch5Large Snake32
Granite Beast232Demonic Soldier854
Bandit11991Crystal Giant1
Ghost2Cinder Beast330
Drow Archer18Drow2388
Bandit Leader5Revenant8
Sand Spider99Scorpion186
Ghast2Drow Champion13
Maneater21Drow Elite5
Mountain Lion8Minotaur6
Door6Silversail Defector12
Hedge Minion43Deer1
Mountain Troll3Goblin Villager3
Mutant Beetle411Giant Cinder Beast6
Forest Bandit1Shrieking Spectre23
Twilight Treant15Jungle Snapper12
Sand Scorpion2Rattlesnake6
Giant Bat3Red Ant25
Deinonychus35Stampeding Elephant6
Lunar Pedestal2Mud Worm21
Dwarven Grenadier9Elite Sentry Spider59
Goblin Scout3Antelope2
Ghoul3Sentry Spider1
Suit of Armor192Teptok Warrior7
Torturer18Demonic Sergeant48
Dungeon Initiate28Pained Spirit5
Teptok Loyalist28Hollow Man2
Giant Vampire Bat40Arrowhead1
Gnoll Elite18Sand Viper4
Aet'Thol2Water Fairy10
Demonic General1Storage Cabinet1
Guard Spider26Spider King1
Black Wight5Shadow Wraith1
Tree Frog3Toucan5
Anaconda3Time Knight2
Rogue Swordsman1Desert Snake7
Demonic Captain3Vampire2
Unwilling Vampire2Neonate Vampire1
Lion Cub1Dungeon Guard5
Lost Soul4Hedge Lord1
Drow Priestess2Mystic Formation3
Kitsune15Red Dragon2
Flame Wraith1Dungeon Knight2
Starfish2Worthless Grub5
Steel Door3Dux2
Baboon1Time Guardian1
Guruk the Ugly1Drow Warrior1
Canyon Raptor2Gorilla2
Colossal Ant2Abyssal Demon8
Bolted Chest1Kobold1
Clay Golem1Asp4
Moon Shrine1Snow Leopard1
Goblin Healer2Goblin Elder1
Vein Golem1Drow Blade Mage1
Sprite6Snow Fox2
Yeti1Gnoll Guard1
Cave Racer1Cavern Imp1
Mine Bandit2Teptok1
Shrieker14Captured Bandit16
Black Knight14Albino Beetle15
Evil Sprite21Giant Crocodile9
Giant Centipede7Giant Cockroach3

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