-- Xia's Profile --
ClassFemale Halfling Grandmaster Class II Hunter
Clan-׻mr Mt Wtк- Founder (Alex)
E-MailYou threw 100 gold at Empress. Xia: dance for me
CommentEmpress does a little jig! Empress is kissing you. Empress: THANKS BABY
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KOS List
Monsters Killed25333
Players Killed
Deaths by Players
Total Game Time46 days, 0h3
Character Score6331
Overall Ranking72/2010
Class Ranking15/179
Last Logon01-12-2024 01:05:46
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Goblin72Small Snake549
Skeleton Skull20Bobcat649
Black Bear1053Vines34
Mysterious Chest34Brown Bear610
Red Fox290Badger87
Bandit53Granite Beast1254
Giant Leech73Hedge Minion477
Sand Spider169Enchanted Sword1
Ogre85Large Snake62
Goblin Scout101Lioness90
Demonic Soldier93Demonic Sergeant8
Demonic Captain1Bunny1
Gnoll Guard71Mountain Lion67
Mountain Goat10Primal Bear3
Lion34Goblin Archer4
Giant Centipede4Giant Crocodile3
Gnoll Archer982Gnoll Elite62
Sentry Spider3Vulture333
Evil Sprite17Vampire Bat532
Colossal Ant1976Goblin Warrior54
Mummy78Mutant Rat12
Elite Sentry Spider27Cockroach11
Modern Art Sculpture1975Arrowhead2910
Gnoll Warrior79Gnoll Captain3
Grizzly Bear8Giant Rat28
Snow Leopard42Mountain Troll1217
Antelope35Great Eagle525
Lone Zebra3Mutant Beetle612
Cinder Beast548Gardener120
Three-eyed Jack1Crystal Giant4
Skeleton42Seasonal Painting84
Totem Pole48Scorpion14
Mayor Tvarti57Bigfoot1
Skeletal Wight20Ice Troll2
Rabid Chipmunk2Giant Spider1
Stone Door4Gnoll7
Mole Rat8Braced Door2
Clay Golem16Chair52
Table50Suit of Armor486
Ettin3Mountain Ranger1
Drow Archer11Maneater10
Rattlesnake5Drow Warrior99
Drow Elite175Canyon Raptor1
Drow Mage47Giant Bat2
Lost Wisp1Treasure Chest4
Lyzanthir the Enchanter1Sprite9
Giant Sand Wurm15Sand Viper7
Orc Chieftain1Spider1
Hedge Lord3Guard Spider3
Starfish5Ravenous Seagull853
Goblin Healer1Stone Gargoyle1
Pained Spirit3Vampire1
Jiangshi, Vampire Lord1Elven Barrow Wight25
Undead Drow Necromancer1Shrieking Spectre2
Red Ant3Kitsune5
Twilight Treant2Scarecrow2
Arcane Spire of the Soil1Anaconda4
Tree Frog2Baboon2
Desert Snake9Marauder3
Time Guardian6Witch1
Werewolf1Goblin Chieftain1
Gh'ul'arg1Goblin Treasure Chest1
Goblin Shaman1Necro Claus2
Mutant Crab7Freshwater Golem2
Aquatic Tendril3Barricade5
Sparkling Seam60Black Orc2
Mine Bandit11Albino Beetle2
Mine Marauder1Door3
Silversail Defector5Snow Fox16
Tundra Wolf13Dire Wolf11
Pamola2Mud Worm16
Stampeding Elephant428Deinonychus5
Mummified Priest2Revenant6
Ghoul4Unwilling Vampire10
Ghost2Neonate Vampire2
Dungeon Initiate5Worthless Grub3
Teptok Loyalist8Teptok1
Chaotic Mage1Jungle Snapper1
Dwarven Grenadier3Captain Wylsen1
Drow Champion2Goblin Elite1
Drow Blademaiden24Cauldron12
Psychotic Elf4Moon Spire1
Tax Lord1Krenshar21
Assassin Vine13Manticore12
Crystal Golem1Gnoll Slave2
Snotling1Magimoxama, King of the Magimoxes1
Crystal Formation1Steel Door1
Teptok Warrior2Hollow Man1
Vein Golem1Torturer6
Gargoyle1Drow Mistress9
Drow Archmage1Kobold4

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