-- Zipo's Profile --
Name*:- ŧ-:*
ClassMale Gnome Grandmaster Class II Priest
Clanߧ h (-׻-m(v)rta--)
E-MailStats: 17 10 20 18 19 18
AIM Name.!.
MSN Name.!.
KOS List.!.
Monsters Killed36506
Players Killed6
Deaths by Players180
Total Game Time81 days, 8h1
Character Score4855
Overall Ranking106/2010
Class Ranking20/317
Last Logon06-11-2022 00:16:17
Staff Comment

-- Monsters Killed --
Skeleton7758Giant Rat344
Mutant Rat251Demonic Soldier3927
Small Snake281Black Bear156
Large Snake3Orc94
Vampire Bat5699Giant Centipede4
Brown Bear269Elshira2
Giant Leech530Demonic Sergeant299
Demonic Captain72Modern Art Sculpture10865
Seasonal Painting8Ghost17
Ghoul82Giant Spider62
Crystal Formation18Ghast48
Spirit of Ariat32Elite Sentry Spider383
Vines100Hydra Hatchling9
Injured Eagle168Giant Frog1
Giant Mosquito Swarm3Gnoll Guard16
Gnoll Archer23Gnoll Slave10
Gnoll Elite9Water Wraith22
Gnoll Warrior4Spider King15
Sentry Spider48Toucan1
Granite Beast110Demonic General2
Scarab219Goblin Scout25
Troll34Tomb Spirit82
Mummy185Guard Spider77
Zombie38Goblin Villager2
Giant Crocodile1Bunny222
Ingash the Horrific5Stone Door13
Sand Spider28Spider5
Time Mummy1Guardian of Aet'Thol1
Bigfoot1Hedge Minion54
Sand Viper1Scorpion19
Mana Vein1Giant Sand Wurm1
Owl29Animatronic Soldier3
Barrow Wight6Lioness4
Asp3Mayor Tvarti10
Scarab Skeleton72Ibis Statue15
Imperial Mummy11Three-eyed Jack1
Dead Scientist3Bezerker7
Suit of Armor27Table8
Crystal Giant2Pained Spirit244
Arrowhead23Gnoll Captain3
Braced Door6Evil Sprite3
Spirit of Olist15Wolf6
Door4Tax Lord2
Rattlesnake15Mountain Lion5
Drow Mage4Deer14
Drow24Silversail Defector1
Cinder Beast14Mountain Troll12
Treasure Chest2Cyclops3
Dungeon Initiate12Teptok Loyalist18
Torturer16Arovet the Infidel17
Wall Crawler3Spirit of King Durmeal4
Banshee1Captain Wylsen1
King Cobra1Mutant Beetle4
Gardener6Totem Pole1
Giant Bat6Drow Archer5
Drow Warrior3Mole Rat75
Skeleton Skull655Minotaur8
Nether Beast1Mining Foreman3
Rogue Swordsman1Vampire Bunny1
Mutant Seabass2Scribe22
Demonic Slave3Bile Zombie8
Skeletal Warrior71Mummified Slave92
Evil Spirit4Hedge Lord2
Antelope3Lion Cub1
Demonic Bunny1Colossal Ant3
Griffin24Ravenous Seagull16
Mutant Crab4Box Jellyfish1
Jaguar1Mutated Bear1
Mad Scientist1Cold Sprite1
Barricade1Ice Wraith3
Lost Wisp25Hysterical Ghoul3
Crazed Zombie12Traumatized Ghost4
Undead Arm5Gnoll Juvenile5
Demonic Elf22Christmas Present1
Castle Door1Vixen1
Mysterious Chest1Lesser Werewolf3
Vampire8Skeletal Bunny3
Possessed Plant1Greater Werewolf1
Black Wight4Mummified Slave Leader2
Mummified Pharaoh2Red Mummy1
Elven Barrow Wight1592Corrupt Demon13
Bronze Mummy1Skeletal Wight16
Snow Wight17Snow Fox11
Lingering Soul3Shrieking Spectre13
Coal Seam1Undead Drow Necromancer7
Starfish5Red Fox3
Shadow Wraith1Bandit Leader1
Great Eagle1Winged Vampire1
Revenant17Unwilling Vampire1
Neonate Vampire3Necro Claus26
Clay Golem1Pamola1
Canyon Raptor2Aet'Thol1
Dungeon Guard1Dux1
Kitsune9Stone Fish6
Talaskan Digestor1Mystic Formation1
Lady Talaska2Worthless Grub2
Mummified Priest4Vampire Patriarch1

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