-- Other Equipment for Sale --
ItemLowest PriceSellerShow Options
Bracelet of Antimagic200,000HappinessShow all prices (14)
Briar Ring10,000 Level 30+ Discipline Level 30+ Show all prices (5)
Bunny Foot Necklace250PopeShow all prices (6)
Centipede Gloves500JadedShow all prices (11)
Friendship Bracelet15,000HappinessShow all prices (2)
Golden Leaf Amulet10,000EminemShow all prices (1)
Haunted Bangle35,000HappinessShow all prices (6)
Holiday Amulet100,000 Level 30+ Solstice Level 30+ Show all prices (1)
Key Ring49,999HappinessShow all prices (4)
Leather Gloves2,000ItchyShow all prices (1)
Lover's Locket150PopeShow all prices (12)
Marcus's Ring2,500InquisitorShow all prices (15)
Phantasmal Bracelet50,000Public_EnemyShow all prices (2)
Ring of Grace15,000HappinessShow all prices (2)
Ring of Venture15,000HappinessShow all prices (2)
Ring of Windia500PopeShow all prices (1)
Satin Slippers250PopeShow all prices (1)
Silken Gloves1,000CaretakerShow all prices (2)
Spider Gauntlets150,000SpeedShow all prices (2)
Token Coin of Cyric500GnarkillShow all prices (19)
Valkyrian Boots90,000 Level 30+ Wanted Level 30+ Show all prices (8)

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